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Today's MASSIVE games...

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Yes indeed, Ipswich vs Man U and Charlton vs Sunderland, two games which will affect both ends of the table.

Liverpool's title hopes are almost certainly over, and it could well be over for Man U too as Arsenal are clear favourites for the title. On the other hand, Ipswich's mid-week 1-0 win over Middlesbrough has given their survival hopes a massive boost. Consdering the title race is almost certainly decided and considering Ipswich's remaining opponents, what seemed like an impossible task has been made very much easier. That and Sunderland's recent poor form which has seen them slip into real trouble.

Things haven't been well at Wearside, with Reid coming under heavy criticism from fans and confidence slipping with the futures of key players in doubt. Ipswich will no doubt want to take advantage of this and of the fact that United could be jaded after their mid-week CL exercise. It would be sad to see either Sunderland or Ipswich going down, but like I said Ipswich have been given a sudden shot in the arm by Sunderland's malaise.

Furthermore, Sunderland's scoring record is very poor and their goal difference is inferior to Ipswich's which does not bode well for them at all if it does come down to goal difference.
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Not to mention that fact that MU have the small matter of a CL semi on Wednesday. They may rest some of their players for Wednesday instead.
And have some injuries too, which they can't cope as well with as Arsenal can.

I'm glad Everton are safe though :D
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