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To the Canadians

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Just wondering where everybody's from.

How many of you are near Toronto?
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No I left well before the war. I came to Canada in 1982, so I've been here for a while now.
I live in Armstrong, B.C(pop6000) and am the #1 supporter of AC Milan in the whole city(actualy im the only supporter :D :D) Soccer is just starting here in Armstrong, but for a place with 6000ppl in it, our school team is damn good !!!!!!! I quite enjoy watching us play from the bench
Welcome Inzaghi Amico Diavolo!
Hey Inzaghi9!

Is there any other soccer fans in Armstrong? There's probably one, a fan of Man U. You 2 are like mortal enemies in town and can't be seen in the same place I bet.
And no one else has any clue whats going on......
Ya, there is a Man U(that i know off) fan..... He never seems too take off his jersey. I dont start anything because he is 3 years older, but i flash of the Milan colors in style. There arnt many fans in Armstrong though, a juve fan and an Inter fan :angry:

Where you from invasion????
I'm from Vancouver, but I think I said that already in this post.........
I hope no one gets offended. (shrugs). oh well, what can ya do
I'm from Vancouver too :)

That makes 3 BC boys... hell yah

What do you two think of the Canucks' chances this season with the Sedins coming in?
hahahaha, dont get me started on that pathedic lot :D :D :D

Go Leafs Go
Hey come on Inzaghi. We can make the playoffs now. The moose is gone too ;)
you will make the play offs when Burke is dead(what an Idiot) Your weakest position is center and he publicly states that there will be no improving at this position because its our strongest spot :D :D :D

What an idiot
Yah Burke is a loser. What NHL team do you support btw, if it's not the Nucks?
well you think Burke is an idiot...try Houle here in Montreal...they guy trades all his players for ****ty francophones to make the goddam papers happy...gee I wonder who runs the team...but I've never been a habs fan..been a wings fan since November 17 1988 when good ole Stevie Y popped in 3 against my hated hometeam...what started as an Yzerman fan became a wings fan in 91 when Sergei got the call...haven't looked back since :)
Great, now we're talking here about Hockey!
Speaking of Hockey there are big rumours in TO about a possible transfer of the BIG E (Eric Lindros) to the Leafs...does anyone have any thing new on the development of that one?

Hahahaha, you know you're soccer obsessed when you're talking about hockey and you say a player is going to get transfered :)

Seriously, I would love to see the big E in TO, not because I like To, but because it would be great for the Canadian teams and maybe future free agents won't be so quick to say "no I won't sign for a Canadian team". But realistically, New York will get him, they seem to get everyone :)
in all due fairness TO is probably the only Canuck team that can sign that 6'4 savage dufus. Never in my entire life have I ever seen a player so overrated....oh well.....
You guys are wasting my precious online time with your hockey chat.

San_Siro_1, what's the point of having a moderator if this kind of thing is allowed to continue unchecked? :confused:
Giglio, the purpose of these forum is for people to exchange ideas mainly about football but other topics are also welcomed as long as the discussions are done in a civilised and respectful manner. So i really don't see what's wrong in discussing hockey in the canadian forum:) especially in the canadian forum:):):)
Now if you dare go and start a hockey topic in the brasilian forum!:):):)

Its good sometime to talk about other things than just the same good old football....that just refresh a little bit the atmosphere in here.

The big E would be a big mistake by the leafs. I really don't think he'll play much longer. NO matter how much he loves the game, how many concussions can you suffer before you say enough is enough, my health is more important?

He really got nailed by Stevens in the playoffs didn't he? That one should make it to the next "rock em' sock em' hockey"
the big E sucks now and always did suck...just a big goon!..the leafs suck! the habs suck! Burke sucks! Houle Sucks! Wings rule!
never been to Canada, but is the nightlife of Montreal better than Miami???
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