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To the Canadians

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Just wondering where everybody's from.

How many of you are near Toronto?
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I'm from Vancouver too :)

That makes 3 BC boys... hell yah

What do you two think of the Canucks' chances this season with the Sedins coming in?
Hey come on Inzaghi. We can make the playoffs now. The moose is gone too ;)
Yah Burke is a loser. What NHL team do you support btw, if it's not the Nucks?
Hahahaha, you know you're soccer obsessed when you're talking about hockey and you say a player is going to get transfered :)

Seriously, I would love to see the big E in TO, not because I like To, but because it would be great for the Canadian teams and maybe future free agents won't be so quick to say "no I won't sign for a Canadian team". But realistically, New York will get him, they seem to get everyone :)
Hahah, let us Canadians chat about our favorite past time.

About Lindros, I agree he is all but done playing hockey. He really did get nailed by Stevens in the playoffs, that's was hard to watch for me, because I always respected him. And Marcoa tell me why you think he's such a goon? He scores over 100 points every season he was healthy.

FORZA CANUCKS :) hehe using Forza to cheer your team is too adicting :)
Oh come on Marcoa. I understand that you dispise his sellout to the Nordiques. I thought that was selfish too. But the guy has talent. He constantly racks up points, you can't possibly explain that he is lucky. Anyway, he isn't as big a good as Steves or Danyko for example, he is just loves to hit.

And Don Cherry is so biased towards the Canadian boys :)
Well since our country is so massively populated with immigrants, I wouldn't mind seeing Canada turn into the new France. But the only obstacle our soccer has to overcome is overtaking hockey as the #1 sport, and that's nearly impossible. Actually, I think that soccer is like the fifth choice for kids growing up in Canada these days behind, hockey, basketball, baseball, and football.

Just think of how many talanted kids that come from countries such as England, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Romania and even countries like Iran that could grow up to become good world class soccer players.
Some nice emotional stuff here guys...

I too hope we improve in football. As for hockey, I think we are slipping. The Czechs seem to have our number. As well as the Russians.
Yah I know... But who are these players that will lead us with their skill? I can only think of Kariya. Also, imagine if Kariya was at the Nagano olympics, do you think he could have managed to score on Hasek?
There weren't many that could have beaten Hasek that nite, but I belive that Lindros and Bourque were wrong too. I think if Kariya was there he would have a better chance, but he missed the tournment. Also, Gretzky should of been there... but I really can't think of anyone else besides Yzerman and Sakic and I think they both went...

In other words, Hasek was a wall that nite... he was like no other goalie I've seen during those Olympics, and only something special would have beaten him..
1 - 10 of 69 Posts
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