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To Lazio fans from Sweden

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Today (Thursday) at 20.00 on SVT2 there is a program about Lazio and Eriksson. It could be worth checking it out :)


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Thank yoy very much Mattias! I will watch it...and tape it to!
Det blir väl första gången man tittar på någonting som Göran Skytte gjort...:)
Heh, Lucky you guys ;);)
The program was 2 short!!!:(

"Mister, mister"! The man is a hero!

But what was that **it about coaching Real M??
Did u see Ravanellis Ferrari and who was the dame waiting at the gate???? "Perhaps I call u later..." Wow!!
Talk about "horse-power"!
Eyos, Mattias!

Tala om när du vet var Lazio skall vara i sommar så vi kan campa vid lägret! Ok? Hur går det med fotona?

inte för att jag är ett lazio fan,men dokumentären med svennis var helt okey,kanske den där reportern snackade på lite väl mycket men man fick en bra inblick på svennis vardag.
men det hade varit kul att se lite mer av spelarna och matcherna,dem hoppade ju från slutet av mars direkt till ligasegern.
vad tycker du själv då mattias?
Fan vad Ravanelli är cool vi an absolut inte sälja honom!! nyaste Ferrarin också bruden som stod och väntade och han bara säger "jag kanske slår en signal" as grym!!!!

Tycker också det var för lite bilder på spelarna och också lite väl djupt men annars riktigt bra!
en af de første gange jeg har været glad for at have svenske kanaler :).

Det er helt trist, men jeg synes bedre og bedre om svennis for hver dag :).
Det lyder også rart, at han gerne vil købe sorte spillere for at få de dummeste neo-nazi's til at holde deres kæft.

Forza svennis :).


Please, talk English! though this aint concerning me, butif it is about Lazio..

I had a big arguement for posting a few Dutch sentences to Lazia..and what is the penalty for this!? :)

You're right Michel:).
As Mattias pointed out initially there was a program on Swedish televsion about Sven G. E. and his triumphant season. I didn't get all of it, so I can't give you a thorough recap, but you know how it is talking to a friend about a program the other didn't see ? But buttomline you're right. Non-English discussion actually belongs to E-mail communication :).

To all non-swedish Lazio fans I can tell you this much - BE THANKFUL FOR SVENNIS :) the coach that is :)

Ps. Eriksson talked about real and other big clubs ( united, juve etc ) and he said that he would never resign from Lazio because he feels that this club has the ability to fight with the very best. But he also said that if an offer from Real would come then he´d have to think about it.

I wonder if the italian press have any idea of how much pressure they put on the shoulders of the different coaches !!!!

Eriksson said that he has started to read about Taoism and he says that he needs to read about different ideologies to become more complete as a human - the reporter was confused and asked what taoism had to do with 4-4-2 and Eriksson said that " I deal with human beings " ( summary ).

I think that when it comes to relations outside of the pitch, Eriksson is maybe the best there is.

This is why I´m so surprised to see Almeyda leave unhappy :(

Anyway I´m looking forward to next season and I hope we won´t screw up on the transfermarket.
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I better write in English or Michel and Lazia will start complaining … :rolleyes:

Great program about Eriksson, but I agree with Rollo - the program was too short. They just can't jump from the won game against Juve the 1st April to lo scudetto won the 14th May (as nasty nick wrote) !!!

Btw Rollo, great to have you back on the forum…we have missed you !! :)
About the photos, I have talked to everyone I know but to get big photos of Lazio players from the past sounds almost impossible. I will try to hear with some other friends about it but I don't know where it could be possible to find such photos… :(
And of course we will be camping at the Lazio training camp in Sweden.. haha :) :)

About the program,
As Sibirman wrote, Ravanelli was just too cool !! with his Ferrrari and then he told the woman that he maybe was going to call her later… :)

I think the program was very well done except one thing, what kind of tempo did they have ???? they had one hour to show a lot of things but instead they let the journalist talk a lot of crap with stupid questions (fx he asked Eriksson a couple of times how much a coach earned, like if he couldn't believe what he heard the first time… idiot !). In an hour they should have made something with more games, and not only with the roma and juve game (although they are great moments from this season). Or at least they should have showed some more images of the players. But ok, I won't complain because it was great to see some images of Lazio and Formello.

One thing I didn't get was how long time the journalist followed Eriksson, didn't he say when the program began that they were going to follow Eriksson for 2 months ? To me it looked like they followed him 2 weeks…. Maybe I didn't hear what he said in the beginning…

To all of you who saw the program, now you know why players like Ravanelli and Lombardo (he is THE MAN !! :)) should not be sold. They are in the team to play some games every season, not more. But they are great outside the field !! :)

The best with the program (according to me) was to see the fans during the derby and at the pub that showed the game juve-Lazio (great game, don't you think Glen? ;)) !
I hope many people in Sweden (and Denmark) watched the program because this shows what passion for football is about. I don't think many in Sweden really understand how important football is. Also look at those 40-50 (were they more ?) journalist that was waiting for Eriksson after the game.


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Well it is anoying to read the words you don't understand..

BTW this :

Mihajlovic je najboljši igralec pri Laziu
Dejan Stankovic bi moral veè igrat kot igra po moje namesto Conceicaa
To bi blo za enkrat vse ;)
da fans watching juve-LAZIO that was cool and da tifo in the LAZIO-assroma geame.

i totally agree with you ss lazio !!!!!
Il programma in televisione era divertente, ma il più buffo era Ravenelli nel suo Ferrari e Lombardo che È uno dei maggiori lottatori della squadra. Ha notato qualcuno lo sbaglio ? Stava scritto che Almeyda viene dal Portogallo , ma in verità è dall`Argentina. Non sono un tifoso del Lazio, ma penso che Sven-Göran Eriksson è l´allenatore migliore.
Slazem se sa tobom sslazio da je Mihajlovic najbolji igrac u Lazio, ali mislim da je bolje da Conceicao igra umesto Stankovica.
(I agree with you sslazio about Miha, but I think that Conceicao should play instead of Deki) :)

Forza Lazio in any language !!!!
Don't you guys ever think that Eriksson will be good for Swedes national soccer team? :)

Forza Lazio
Glöm inte bort att "Svennis" är "sommarpratare" i radions P1 på Söndag.:)

Hoppas bara att Lazio lägger sitt läger i Stockholm!:)
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