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To Labas

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Just making sure you'll read this....

I don't find it suprising that you like another club, it's surprising that you actually like AC Milan in particular!

Here's why:
I don't know for how long you're watching football and support Real and if you have followed Real past history. If you have, then you probably know about the great Real squad of the mid 80's, with players like Butragueno, Michel, Hugo Sanchez, Chendo, Sanchis, Buyo etc.
Well, it's been said by a lot of people that this was the 2nd best Real of all times (following the great one of the 60's). This team won 2 Uefa cups back to back (1985 - 1986) and 5 consecutive spanish leagues (1986 - 1990). The only trophy missing was the Championships Cup (Champions League of today). We were at the time the 2nd best team in Europe (as the facts showed later) following only AC Milan of the three Dutchmen (van Basten, Gullit and Rijkart). Back then there was no group phase, only double games by teams that were picked randomly. In the 1987-1988 and 1988-1989 competitions luck turned her back on us and we had to play AC Milan in the 1988 Quarter Finals and the 1989 Semi Finals. On the first occasion we were forced out after a 1-0 win in Bernabeu and a 0-2 defeat in Milan. In 1989 though (semi finals) after a 1-1 draw in Bernabeu we were subject to one of our most disgracious defeats in Real history, a 0-5 in Milan. Every Real fan in the world that I know hated AC Milan forever ever since that day. Personally, after a day of tears, I had to wait for 10 years to take my "revenge" this year, after the defeat of AC Milan in the last minutes in Turkey from Galatasaray last November, that threw them out not only from ChL but from all european competitions.

Of course there was another european team that we have unresolved matters from the past, and that is Bayern Munich. In the 1987 Championships Cup we had to play them and after a 1-0 narrow win in Bernabeu we had another disgracious defeat in Munich with 4-1 and were of course thrown out of the competition. I had to wait 11 years until last year's Champions League final to take that revenge, but I eventually did.

Except from these two, the third team I really hate is Manchester Utd, not having anything to do with Real, just because it's ManU.

I don't know whether these stories tell you something, especially if it's the first time you ever read them, but for someone like me and other people that have actually lived them, it's still like a open wound.
I don't know if you remember this, but when Real won the 7th ChL many Real people said that part of this trophy belongs to the great mid 80's squad.
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