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Why do you critise the ROOKIES?????
Ba listen bro....
I´m a ROOKIE, but it doesnt mean that your the headmaster here cus you´r a veteran...fool!!!!!

I´m here to support my team and if you have something against it then I propose that you jfgweqwqes...got it????

Dont take it personally....

10,588 Posts
hmmmmm....i'm a fool now bro?

Well he calls me a fool and then says don't take it personally.......hmmmmmm........

hahah anyway....being serious now.....ROOKIE? what the **** does teh word "ROOKIE" mean huh? It makes no difference between Rookie and Veteran we are all NERAZZURI!!!!!!!!!

I have nothing against people carrying the title rookie......what i dislike is people being unrealistic. And also being offencive.......

Let us just calm down and again ROOKIE or no ROOKIE it doesn't matter. What matter's is the slogan of http://www.xtratime.com

Do you know what it is brother man.....it is "WHERE CONTENT IS KING"

And my friend.....content cannot be king if we let posts like "Who to sign Canavarro or Nesta" go unpunished. We must continue to strive to make this the top INTER site on the net and we cannot do so if we allow this site to degrade itself into a rumour mongers reunion.

I love INTER i am sure we all have some kind of affection to different degrees towards INTER but we must not let that affection make us irrational. And Rivaldo or FIgo coming to INTER is irrational.

Anyway........bro........i accept you forthcoming apology for calling me a fool....we are all one here.

Do not misunderstand my comments...i have nothing against New guys.....just when you are here let us remember this is the place many people go to get INTER news and are not gonna come back if every thing they see here turns out to be CRAP!!!!!!!

FORZA ITALIA!!!!!!!!!!
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