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Dear genoa fan,

I understand your point you were trying to make here at the lazio forum, but for howlong do you wanna go on with this?
You have made your point and altough most Lazio fans don't wanna agree on it there is a truth in the story. But you are also biased (as you are from Genoa and like football and support Genoa) and therefor I think your comments are not all very objective. Only a small group of Lazio fans is a racist, but you can't judge the whole fangroup on those who have these feelings.

In holland there is a phrase which says:

"LOVE MAKES BLIND", i think this says it all cuz all Lazio fans here at the forum don't wanna see/hear the bad things about there club, same goes for you as you don't wanna see the bad things at Genoa, and same goes for me as I don't wanna see and hear negative things about Fiorentina.


you are invited to viola forum to discuss football and don't worry Genoa fans are respected at the viola forum.

Hi my name is Scream and I support Fiorentina....

and what's your kick in LIFE???????

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I don't think we're that blind. None of us has ever denied there are some very sick Laziali. We are all very much aware of it and have discussed this many times before. I don't think it's something we need to be reminded of again and certainly not by some Genoa fan.

Besides, Fazione Nero definately is talking to the wrong people. Most of us don't even live in Italy. We certainly aren't the ones causing trouble every single week.
If Fazione Nero would like to have a "nice" conversation with some of the guilty ones, he should go to Irriducibili, but I'm sure he doesn't have the guts to do so, which is exactly why he's bothering us.
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