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Now seems like everyone is talking how Pools have improved, how the defense is best & all that. But have Pools/we really made progress ? Yes only if u were to compare the complete failure of last season, where the joint management & sole GH later.
Like in my earlier post & a reply also said that we were the "no. 3/4" for most the time in the 90s, where Europe was a formality under Roy Evans.

For me we are just back to the time b4 the change, near the top but empty handed. GH have did a miracle to the defense where Evans failed (which cost him the job), but the goals have stopped. Look, we were no where near to any of the League or FA Cup. Although I hate to admit but had high hopes for FA Cup since MAn U pulled out.

If i not wrong, 2 seasons ago we knocked Valencia out of Europe on the away goal rule where Ince & Maca were sent off in the away match. Look how far we are behind now.

And GH have not solve the puzzle where we always gifts points away in the closing stages, esp to teams involve in relagations.

Guess we can only judge after next season, where I think most Pools fans,not only me, would expect at least a Cup.
To be fair to Evans, I think he could acheive this position too ! (Maybe not the defense)
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