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I would like every1 who knows about their nations youth teams to name their best XI prospects coming through - 1 for each position of course!!!! It can range from their current U21 team to their U17 team...

Any Italians who disagree with my team can do their own 1 :D


1. Virgili (Parma, U18)
2. Piccolo (Como, U20)
3. Pasquale (Inter, U21)
4. De Rossi (Roma, U21)
5. Bonera (Parma, U21)
6. Marzoratti (Milan, U17)
7. Foggia (Empoli, U20)
8. Pederzoli (Como/Juve, U20)
9. Gilardino (Parma, U21)
10. Lodi (Empoli, U20)
11. D'Agostino (Roma, U21)

I know theres a few players like Aquilani, Gasbarroni, Della Rocca, Pazzini, Mantovani, Motta etc. Ive left out but I cant include every1!!! :) I just thouhgt Id name them now!!!
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