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Hi Amoroso.

OK, Parma at Juve. I am very interested in how you see the two teams matching up. What are Juve's strengths and weaknesses against Parma? What are Parma's strengths and weaknesses against Juventus? What will be the keys to the game - that is, what should those of us who are not as knowledgeable about the two teams as you are pay special attention to on Sunday?

I appreciate very much anything you are willing to teach me.

Anyone else's comments and thoughts are also very much appreciated. As I have said before, I am always amazed at the depth of knowledge of the people on this board.



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Well i'm not Amoroso, but i think i can tell you a thing or 2.
This match is going to be the most important match for both clubs, becauce we all know that Juve wants the scuddeto(duh) and parma want's a CL qaulification place.
So at least 1 point must be taken by both clubs to not pull out of either race.
I think it will be a hard match also don't expect much goals becauce becauce both clubs are doomed with even the slightest flaw.
The midfield as always is the place where the battle takes plays, parma will probaly play with 5 midfielders without a playmaker marking the danzeroux ZZ, juventus as always is going to play with 5 midfielders including a playmaker(ZZ).
Think this would be the two midfields:


Baggio, bolãno or Dabo might be chanced by Sousa, vanoli might be chanced by Bennarivio.



No possible chances here because Conte is suspended and ther rest of the MF sux.

Zambrotta will have a job against vanoli who likes to come forward, against benarivio i think he will have it harder.
Pessoto wil deal with Fuser tough job for
pessoto think if he plays the way he played against Verona last leek the 2nd half when Melis came on fuser is going to have a field day, so i think at the right hand side the possibility's for parma are there.
In the centre of MF Davids and Zidane are in good form it depends on Dabo and Baggio if they can get in a better form to catch then up.
So before the match Juventus has a upper hand in the center of MF.
Well defensifly juve have a big boost as Montero(he the man!) comes back to basicly 'rock' parma's attack.
Crespo is still in agood form so look out!
Parma has no defensive problems and will probaly field sartor if Bennarivio plays as left back/MF.
Inzaghi-Del Piero as a natural coppel with Kovacevic probaly a 2nd half subsitude.
So it's goimg to be a tense match.
check out the injured suspended section on Italian soccer friday to see who might be injured at the last moment.
I will make the probable line-up later tonight.

Hope you can get something from this information.
And i think the Key-parma man is Fuser!

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Yes, I am an American. I have lived here all my life.

You are correct - football (soccer to us) is not an important sport over here, although women's football is becoming popular (winning the World Cup will do that :) :)).

However, I went to school in a small part of the country where soccer is an important sport and is taken very seriously. I was the goalkeeper on our team, which won the championship all four years I played. Not BECAUSE I played, but WHEN I played - I had some very good defenders in front of me.

I know a lot about European football for an American - but very little when compared with all of you. Until recently, the only source of information I had was the occasional soccer magazine I could find (often very old!) and shortwave radio (usually 5 or 10 minutes at a time, at best). The Internet has really, really, really helped - but still, you who live in Europe do not realize how lucky you are.

I really appreciate your patience with me as I learn from all of you.



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It will be an interesting game and interesting match-ups.
Cannavaro on Del Piero is always interesting. Del Piero got the better of him last time but Cannavaro is one of the best defenders in the world. Doesn't matter who takes Pippo because he is crap. The midfeilds are totally different. Parma do struggle a lot in that midfield. Davids and Baggio will fight it out. Davids is in form as always, Baggio isn't. Zambrotta is in form and is new player for Italy. Vanoli is the same except he isn't in that good of form at the moment. Tacchinardi hasn't been playing lately so whoever plays on him might or vice versa will probably get the better. Fuser and Pessotto will be a great battle. Crespo will probably have Iuliano and Amoroso or Di Vaio will have either Ferrara or Montero if he plays. Crespo will be hard to stop. Iuliano will have a job and a half to do.


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icecrux,if you are refering to Inzaghi the answer is simple:he shouldnt...

Parma doesnt play with personal markers so Cannavaro wont play on Del Piero.You tottaly control the midfield apart from the right wing where Fuser will dominate Pessoto.Pessotto may resist a bit but Fuser on his day is unstopable.

Keep an eye on Jorge Bolano.He may surprise you with his energy and running.

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
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