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for those who are saying they don'tneed crespo, or they are sick of buying argentinian players. i still wonder if lazio were typically just domestic players
would have won the sedutto?
anyone can tell me where is lazio without
veron , simeone, almeyda.i guess u guys are not faithfull and thankfull to foreigners in lazio, u really don't deserve to win.
and how come salas is better than crespo?
crespo has been between the first three sccorers in italy, for 2 years. he's the best player in parma, and one of the best players ever. the reason he's not starting in argentina matches is because him and bati play in the same post, and of course bati is more skillful and more experienced, but it doesn't mean that he's not a good player to
the coach. immagine claudio lopez and crespo
in attack, does any team won't fear lazio
it will be the most dangerous duo in attack

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Yes, Yes , Yes
I tried to tell similiar things for the last 2 weeks.
That is it.
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