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In these times of corrupt Italian soccer all I can think of saying is the following.

Could all Juve fans who actually thinks Juve deserves lo scudetto this season (I cant even write that sentence without laughing, it really sounds like a joke) reply to this post. Then we all can write down their names and in the future consider their posts as air (completely ignore them). Even Zen9 should realize which team are the rightful champions. They are called S S Lazio. As an example you could see the games where Lazio played Juve this season, league and cup. Not even a ***** corrupt little ref. could help Juve in those games.
Juve aint champions, not to me, not to anyone.

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I have said most of the things I had to say allready, but I will reply to the element of Your post dealing with the 4 times Lazio and Juve has played eachother.
If we had all the referees on our side why did they end the way they did?
I suppose we can all agree that the 4 games were tight and evenly balanced as a whole.
In the league: At Olympico it was a quite boring game without many cleancut chances. Lazio had the most posession while Juventus had the best opportunities late in the game (Kovacevic' volley for instance). There was only one whiff of controvercy in that one, and that was a Lazio appeal for a Iuliano handball. I think most of the people who saw the match agreed afterwards that he DID infact handle the ball, but that he had no way of avoiding it, and that it was one of those involuntary actions the ref. shouldn't penalize. Anyway a draw was certainly the fair outcome of that one.
At Delle Alpi Lazio stunned us with Simeone's header. Much talk went on about Lazio deserving that win or not. One certain thing is that Juve played too well to loose. A draw was fair I guess, but the way everybody but Lazio fans saw that match You got 3 points Juventus deserved. On the referee thing the only issues were Inzaghi's penalty appeal (Mihailovic), Ferrara's obstruction taking the air out of Nedved, Ferrara's sending off, and the fact that Juve fans thought Almeyda should have been sent off as well.
Pippo's penalty was so and so. They've been called for less, but I couldn't say that it was a terrible mistake that it wasn't called, because the contact was only a minor one. Mihailovic DID catch Pippo's leg and not the ball however. Ferrara deserved to get a booking for his obstruction- he didn't. Later on he was justfully ejected, eventhough some people feel that Simone Inzaghi made the most of it. Tough job- Ferrara made an ass of himself and had to go. I think Almeyda should have been sent off too, but we couldn't seem to score on Ballotta anyway, so what's the point.

In coppa Italia we absolutely slaughtered You at Delle Alpi in the first half- going up 3-0. You got back in the game on a blatant referee mistake gifting You a penalty which Ravanelli converted. I You don't remember the incident Montero was judged to have handballed, while replays clearly show that the ball hid him square on the chest. The match ended 3-2 Juve.
At olympico you certainly played the better and deserved your late winning header.
You got through on away goals, and the only one who got helped here was Lazio with the Del Alpi penalty. It was hard to spot, and none of us Juventini has given you a hard time because of that.

So apart from the "strange" fact that we weren't helped to get results against You (had this been as blatant as you claim, I suppose Pippo would have gotten his penalty at Delle Alpi ?) I think it's fair to say that our 4 games against eachother has been very tight, and that nothing separates us from that.
I can't deny that You have 2 wins against our 1, but apart from that I think You must admit, that Juventus are not unworthy champion because of that. It could just as well have been us winning 2 and throwing youout of the cup, but on the days in question You had that little bit of gamewinning luck we didn't. That's all fine and well, and even before the season started I rated Lazio and Juve as very equal in quality. Judged only from our 4 head to head meetings, I find it hard to believe that anyone can disagree on that.

You don't think Juve deserves to be champions (if that is going to happen) ?
Can we be accepted in 2. place then, or should Milan or Roma get there because of the many goals they've scored ? Maybe Parma as a concellation because of the beautifull football they occasionally play and the ammount of injuries they've had ?
What determines the word "deserved" ?


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To keep things short. I don't think that Lazio has made a great season with their great squad, but I think that Lazio undoubtly deserve the scudetto more than Juve. Juve is going to get it and there is no point in further dicussing whether they deserve it or not. Juve and Milan have always had this "great relationship" with the refs but I wonder if things aren't about to change soon....


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I´m sorry if there´s another misunderstanding in this forum. I didn´t meen to point out the four games where Lazio has played Juve as a thing that should prove Lazio greatness, and make them rightful champions. I just had them as example so that everybody should realize that the internal meeting had been Lazio´s.(Knocked you out of the cup and 4 against 1 point in the league.)
Also I didn´t say anything about Milan or parma. Its just between Lazio and Juve.
If every single game would have been judged by a "Supercomputer" and all judgings were unbiased, you would not have been at the top.

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Good post, Baz, except for one thing...
Why are you so sure about Juve winning the scudetto? You never know what might happen! If they draw and we win, it still isn't over yet! Please, don't give up before this season's finished!


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