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To All! (Edited Version)

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It's great to be the most hated person on this forum, but I've noticed by the amount of attention that you all give me that I'm also the most loved person on this forum!!!

You could all say whatever you want about ME, being good or bad it makes no difference to me, but when you bring my family in it and even get away with it, well that's a different story!!!

My posts are full of stars and I admit it, and I accept the warning from Emir, but Emir, to allow "svennis" to insult family, which I think is the most offensive thing to do, and not give him a warning, well that's another story as well!!!

Some of you think that I'm rude, good for you, as "Crybaby Glen" would say, but glen, at least I don't keep saying the same things all the time, and who are you to judge me and others, just as you would say to me!
So if I come as being rude because I insult people directly, the same thing goes for you, calling someone rude is insulting as well, but maybe out in the jungle where you come from it's a different story!!!

Emir, you keep telling me about all the stars in my post, but if I recall correctly did you or did you not post a message on the rubentus forum with a few stars? I think you did and some people even criticized you for setting a bad example, none the less I stuck up for you, NOT ANYMORE!!!

Svennis, you come along as being the coach of all coaches, that's on this forum because of the lack of football knowledge from most people that visit this forum, truth is you know nothing, save all your technical crap for school.
As for your insult to me, well I hope you read my reply before Emir deleted it, remember one thing, ANY PLACE, ANY TIME!!!

Amo, "same as above"!!!

REALE, he deserves capital letters, always here to defend me, the only one who speaks his mind, and he takes no crap from anyone..in other words, REALE FOR PRESIDENT!!!

MANCINI, he deserves capital letters as well, but where is he? He came on this forum thanks to me and REALE, but since we were gone partying and did not visit the forum for a while, he disappeared as well, I DON'T BLAME him, he tried saying what he thought and got warned right away, I hope he comes back to kick some butt!!!

Antiromista, a few posts and GONE as well!!!
Just a few of us welcomed him, but I guess he was rude as well, and got crap from everybody, RESULT? GONE!!!

I noticed that the real hardcore LAZIALE comes to this forum, stays around for a while and when he see's what this forum is really all about, he turns around and never bothers to come back, myself and Reale, are sticking around, I find that hard to believe myself, afterall WE ARE REAL HARDCORE LAZIALI!!!

Anyways that's enough for now!!!


Anybody want to see the FULL VERSION?

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I am interested...for the whole version...
By the way,when they brought in the conversation your family?

I generally don't like the content of your posts, and it applies here as well. However, you are right about one thing. You deserve an apology from svennis. But, a lot of people also deserve apologies from you. If you aren't prepared to apologize for what you've said (and there is a lot, you even admit that), don't expect people to apologize to you. You reap what you sow.
Cecco, another long post! Great :D :D :D
Well, just want to voice my opinion here -
Do you think this forum will be lively if everyone is like you? Or everyone is like svennis? Or Amo? Or Glen? Well, I'm afraid not. We're the busiest forum here because there's such an interesting mix of people!
If we don't have you or Reale in this forum, things will be less interesting. However, if everyone is like you, this forum will turn into battles and wars everytime ;) And perhaps this forum will turn into war - instead of Lazio forum ;)
I think noone can accept it when we start insulting someone's family as well, so I understand why you're terribly upset. Hope you resolve this matter with svennis!
As for Mancini, Antiromista...those you think are in the same band as you are but have disappeared - my suggestion is not to jump into conclusions...there can be other reasons.
Cecco, do you really believe that a true Laziali must be one with AttitudE? That if someone is nice his degree of love for Lazio is rather questionable? I don't think that being nice means you're not a Laziale! If, like you said, those so-called hardcore Laziale leave this forum because they get such negative response from the others (IF, 'cause there can be other reasons!) then don't you think, being the hardcore Laziale they are, they should stick to their opinions and explain themselves, so that people will respect their point of view more? Instead of leaving this forum? You're still here anyway though you think so many hate you ;)
I think it's our responsibility as Lazio fans to give a good -or at least respectable - image of Lazio. Otherwise -if instead we do destructive things, etc in the name of Lazio - we'll be just like the fascists,racists,etc some accuse us to be. If we love Lazio that much, we should also care about what our actions do to the team! At least, if being polite is too hard, we can try to be civil. Sure, everyone's free to have his own opinion. But to have an opinion should also mean to be prepared to stand up for it, to justify it. And when people fail to do that, intelligent debates/discussions will turn into useless wars, insult-throwing, etc.
You accuse svennis of knowing nothing. Thus, it'll be interesting for us to have you share your football knowledge with us! Especially that you live in Italy. Why don't you just share your experiences with us? I'm sure many of us really want to be in your shoes - to have the chance to follow Lazio since your childhood, etc. :)
Cecco, when you write a long post, it is usually an interesting one. Why don't you do that more often, for a change? Just to prevent the '*' key on your keyboard from being jammed of too much use ;) ;) ;)
Hey, don't you just looove Lazio? It's the common bond to many of us and let's not forget it!

Forza Lazio
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Kazema, I don't expect an apology from anyone, if you were to apologize for everything you say on this forum every topic would be "I'm Sorry".
I insult people, ok, people insult me too, I have no problem with this, but I would never dare to bring someone's family in it!!!

Lochness Monster, yesterday he brought my mother into it, but too bad you didn't get to read my reply!!!

So, when you say "figlio di putana", that's not an insult to one's mother, Cecco? I did get to read the whole closed topic before Emir started editing it, and I recall either you or Reale writing it...

Cecco thinks that noone apart from him and reale knows enough italian to understand him.However,Svennis went on this first so I guess he has an excuse...but still.

Parma will fight back...FORZA PARMA!
I agree that everyones mothers should be kept out of the discussions.
Unless your "mama" is a Lazio player ofcourse! ;)
Listen Cecco:
I love you because of your love for Lazio and because of your football knowledge. I honestly think that you have more love for our team then most of the people here. I have time after time convinced other moderators (and owners) that you deserve to stay on this forum. I like your way, I want you to be here for a long time.
BUT, your posts are a real pain in the ass. Honestly, please try to calm down and stop insulting people.
I am not talking about the latest incident. If somebody called my mother things (like svennis called yours) I would also freak out. Svennis insult was unexpected for me, but still very, very bad. You and me are south-europeans, mother is something nobody can touch.
Svennis is a cold Scandinavian (this is not an insult but a fact, I have lived here for 9 years). If I would say "I phuck your mother" to somebody in Sweden, the guy would only look at me. If I did the same thing in Italy or Yugoslavia I would get smashed...realize the difference.

Let´s put this behind us, Yes I had a few stars in Juve forum. But that was probably for calling referee a phucking cheater or something. I have never called anybody on this forum names.
Here is the deal Cecco:
1) You stop insulting people
2) If somebody tries to provoke you ( I know it happens ), please contact me immidiatelly, instead of replying in a same manner.
3) I´ll continue trying to keep you on this forum if nr 1 goes well.
4) If you want a story on Mancini, send me an e-mail on [email protected]
I´ll tell you what happened to him.

Peace now everybody, not only Cecco. Svennis really dissapointed me, and a few other members did as well.

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Cecco there is a reason why I flipped and it´s you !!!

Listen I don´t care if people come in here and have good things to say about Roma, Juventus, Milan etc etc all praise to them.

When I started writing in this forum I got alot of critisism for liking Totti and saying that Delvecchio was a good buy for 1/3 of Vieris money.

Doesn´t matter really.

I just want you to accept other peoples opininons or else you can make your own website and write whatever you want there - ok ??

I flipped once but how can I just stand by and watch you assult people ?? come on you are supposed to be over 30 years old act your age man.

Ps. I got your email and I would want nothing more then a friendly attitude. As you might have noticed I´ve written alot less posts lately and it´s because in here all I see is xxxx and gossip - it´s not making me smile anymore.

As for Glen and Amo - well take away those guys and I will have 0 reason to visit at all ( and Aquila, talya and Alexx ).
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What´s this all about?
I thought we were supporting a team and not having personals fights!
Doesn't everyone insults the referees family in every game? :)

Pelo Corinthians, com muito amor ate o fim.
A Corrente Jamais Sera Quebrada!
Here we go again!!!!!!!!!!
I'm beginning to FLIP!!!(take it easy now!)
Ok,now that I've calmed down maybe I can put something together here.Personally I think
that more of a LAZIO forum,this is becoming
a warzone(but I must admit,you need this aswell!).
But let's not give the blame only to the so
called "rude CECCO" and "rude REALE"!!
On this forum we tend to beleive that the reply's with the so called "stars" are the only
one's to be considered "rude" and "offensive".I say,maybe they are,but there are many other posts that are posted on this forum,with no "stars" that are equally as insulting!Try reading,and I repeat,try reading some posts written by "sarcastic Amo"
towards myself and to the so called "rude CECCO"!
He actually thinks that he can bud in to everyone's business(VERY RUDE) and get away
with it!I don't think so!(see closed topic!)
Then there is another thing that I would like to say,when someone writes a topic and I reply to that topic(in a rude or nice way)
it gives you no right to come out of the blue and start insulting me,REMEMBER,I replied to the topic(in a rude or a nice way)and not to you!!(see closed topic)
I can accept to be insulted if I say something offensive directly to a specific person.No problem,I sometimes like giving it
so I'm also ready to take it!
So let's be carefull when we use the word "rude" because "rude" is not only "stars",it is a mixture of things that most of you tend to forget!


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let me say one or two things CECCO!

sveniss' comments just one of consequences if somenone finally get pissed off because of your attitude
u must accept it!!
im a juve fan, although im sad juve didnt win...but i have to accept the fact that lazio had done better than juve..good on u Lazio!

i can understand why svennis did that..although its not the best way to reply your post..but based on your comments so far, u should have expected that someone would eventually be angry..although im not sure whether u are really upset or just trying to make people comments in favour of u
Good post, Cecco!! There are just a few people on this forum
who make it interesting and it will be boring if there is no 'fire'
from time to time. And by 'fire' I mean the furious, passionate
posts that come from the heart and that are motivated by love
for Lazio. Not the kind of crap someone like svennis spews out.

For the past few weeks there has been nothing but talk about
transfers and if this goes on until the start of the next season
I don't know whats left to hold my intrest here.

I've been in a really good mood since winning lo scudetto, but when
I see some of the lame posts here I do wonder if the people here
realize how important this victory actually was.

There is just a (very) small group of true Laziali, people who
live for Lazio 24hours a day, and that group keeps getting
smaller and smaller. It may be hard to understand for some
how much Lazio means to us, and that's why they respond in
such a cold hearted way.

All I can say is: stay with it, Cecco... don't loose that fire!!

[This message has been edited by Boyo (edited 03-06-2000).]
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Cecco; I'm a crybaby ? Hehe- at least I've never been called that before :).
I do not only consider you rude- check the closed topic for more info if you want to.

My only real problem is that you have the verbal skills of an educated/intelligent man, and most oftenly I fail to see it shining through in the content of your posts.
Thus I must expect you to do this on purpose and I don't get that.
Sure I'm as rude to you as you are in general (actually more so I guess), but I don't behave like this "against" anyone but you- and sometimes Reale, because you have a history of violating the rules Jan has created for this site, and the rules I as one of the moderators generally try to uphold.

All I can ask of you is that you try to follow the guidelines Emir put up.

It seems you have some fans as well as a number of people disliking your style. I will always belong to the second category, but if you could just ease up a little you could still display that particular tone of yours and I guess everybody would be happy.
Afterall we should not all agree, but at least we can try to be civil.

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Reale is right about the fact that insults are not only ******, but many other posts are insults although they don't have the **** !

If you, Cecco, have such great football knowledge then write some great posts !
To reply in different topics with **** and ****** or "I couldn't care less" will never show your knowledges about football or Lazio. You say that Svennis don't know a sh!t about football, ok that's your opinion but at least Svennis writes his opinion and as far as I can remember he doesn't consider himself as the one who knows more than everyone about everything.
So take this as a contest, write some civilized posts with your opinions and you'll see that you won't be the most hated person on the forum. But you will be respected (and maybe admired by some) for your great knowledged of football and Lazio.

Prove all those who thinks you are an idiot that you actually is a smart guy that loves LAZIO and that can reply to a roma fan without any ***** !


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