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TL Round 2: Aalesund - Brann (5/4-08 19:00)

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AaFK has strengthened their team from last season, where we managed to lose in a huge upset away to them. It's a game we should win, but we have several players that are really uncomfortable on astroturf like they have at AaFK's CLS. Still, I'm hoping for 3 points and a comfortable win.
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Probable starting lineup :
Dahl - Ørn1 - Ørn2 - Hanstveit
Solli - El Fakiri - Bakke - PVM
Demba-Nyrén - Helstad

Winters will lose his spot to Demba who's back from suspension. I assume El Fakiri will keep his spot despite the horrible performance since Gylfi is too similar to Bakke.

Opdal is ill, and may not play this game. Reserve-goalie Udjus will replace him if so.

I really hope Opdal will be ready, cause Udjus is nowhere near the same class as Opdal, and 3 points would be very handy in this match.
The previous years, there's been lots of whining about playing on astro turf. This year, Mjelde has said anyone who whines about it, will be benched. The team doesn't need negativity. Further, that Brann's playstyle should benefit a lot more from playing on astro turf than a soaked field last we did last weekend in Bergen.

Helstad has never scored a goal on artificial grass.
Aalesund - Brann 4-2 (1-1)

Horrible performance by Brann. Had no pressure, the central midfield didn't seem to know there was a game going on. AaFK fought hard and deserved the win.

Goals :
1-0 23 min. Diego Silva
1-1 45 min. PVM / Owngoal
2-1 46 min. Thor Hogne Aarøy
3-1 50 min. Amund Skiri
3-2 82 min. Robbie Winters
4-2 90 min. Denis Selimovic

Red 65 min Kristjan Örn Sigurdsson (Brann)
Yellow 90 min Denis Selimovic (AaFK)
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Well, the turf is different, and it takes some adjustment to play on it. The ball doesn't lose as much speed as it does on "proper" grass, so you have to kick more to the foot of the pass-receiver rather than ahead of him. It gives AaFK an edge from the start, but the players should be able to adept to it. The only real advantage given by CLS is a mental one. If the players start blaming the grass instead of concentrating on their game it's not good for the team.

Now, the turf wasn't the reason we lost.. It's more because Arneng was as good as El Fakiri was bad. It was like AaFK had an extra player in the midfield the entire game. And they were a lot more fired up and ready to fight. Brann was very disappointing and AaFK played very well.
I'm sorry. I apologise, I didn't think properly about my action.
No reason to apologize, he wouldn't get so riled up if you hadn't hit a nerve :nasty:
Awwww :D

It's so sweet when everyone gets along :)
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