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TL Round 2: Aalesund - Brann (5/4-08 19:00)

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AaFK has strengthened their team from last season, where we managed to lose in a huge upset away to them. It's a game we should win, but we have several players that are really uncomfortable on astroturf like they have at AaFK's CLS. Still, I'm hoping for 3 points and a comfortable win.
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It was the astro turf.
I was making a joke, I thought it was funny after everything that had come before my post. :moan:
I'm sorry. I apologise, I didn't think properly about my action.
Can you reassure me? I have generalized anxiety disorder and if I have any kind of doubt about how someone perceives me, I can stress for hours and blow it out of proportion. I know it, and yet I can't easily stop it.

What I said, I didn't intend to belittle the achievement of Aalesund in any way! It's not pointed in that direction, OK. It was employing contradiction as a form of humour. Evidently I didn't make anyone laugh, instead I raised the ire of someone. I'm very sorry for that and I hope we can move on from this. Of course, you can't say anything, get away with anything, just because it was intended as a joke. With that in mind, I apologise for not taking your feelings into proper consideration. As the words flashed across the screen and my fingers worked the keyboard, I was only aware of my intent, alas. I spoke to a social worker today in which I recounted to her my feelings, and she said one disadvantage to this mode of communication and that of the physical world is that we can more easily see the intent of a person. Argh, I don't know the point of me telling you that.
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Thank you. :D
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