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I've just read somewhere that he is astonished at the reports of a move o Celtic, and why would he want to move when things have been so good for him?
He'd like to stay until the end of his contract.
Now I just need to find where I read it! ;)
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where did u get this one!???

the latest stuff i heard is that GH wants to talk to him as soon as he gets back frm international duty to talk about that celtic rumours....
Titi Camara has slammed what he calls "irresponsible journalism" for the recent speculation linking him with Celtic.
The Guinean striker, recently returned from international duty, was quoted in a Scottish newspaper over the weekend as saying he was unhappy with the rotation system at Anfield and wanted a move north of the border.
He has, however, reacted with astonishment to the report and said this morning he is very happy at Anfield and fully understands the need for a big squad as Liverpool head for European football next season.
He commented: "Competition is part of the job. If there wasn't competition here, I don't think the team would be where they are.
"Naturally I get frustrated if I don't play but that's no reason to get angry with anyone. I accept competition, whether it is I, Michael Owen, Robbie Fowler, Emile Heskey or Eric Meijer who plays.
"I think the only thing that matters is the team and that Liverpool stay high in the table."
Speaking about the article which quoted him as saying he would like to play for Celtic, he said: "I was astonished to read in the press that I was unhappy here and thinking of going.
"I am happy at this club and I like to think I will stay here until the end of my contract. Things have been going so well here why should I want to leave?"

I saw it on BBC sport, Teamtalk and on Skysports news network. The above is the version taken from Teamtalk.
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Joy to the world!!!!! I got worried then, I thought he was off. I hate it when journalists just lie, how can they do it??
Anyway - yey
It pleased me to see those reports as well! :)
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