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Veron played for Man U today and not for Argentina but he is not the only one.I feel that Simeone let me down along with Pochettino and Placente too, they lost so many balls but on the other hand Beckham played like S-h-i-t also, didn't do absolutely nothing but celebrated like he earned it or something, all he did was to take a pk, anybody can score that, or almost anybody, the men of the match were by far Owen and Cole and the defense. Veron in my opinion needs to be benched in the next game, he just cannot handle the pressure being put on him by the English press, the whistling in our national anthom etc etc, I think he was more worried about his 48 million pounds instead of Argentina.I said before that instead of Chamot who absolutely stniked as a player all his life Bielsa should have taken Coudet and Cambiasso, and what about Cavennagi, the top goal scorer in the argentina league instead of Canniggia, who lives in a world of injury. I hope we can rebound from this one.:)
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