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You can't lay all the blame on Veron. Perhaps it looks like Veron is responsible for the loss because he is the playmaker, the central organ of the team and when he does badly, the team does badly.

As others have pointed out, all the players were out of sync with one another. Despite holding england deep, they looked so nervous they didnt trust each other to control their zone. In fact, Bielsa before the game was teaching the players to zone mark instead of man mark, whereby each player is responsible for a subset of the pitch. This obviously failed miserably today.

I'm really depressed about this situation not because we lost but because its hard to see what exactly went wrong. Like how can they improve in time for the next match? This is Bielsa's dilemma. Sure there are many minor errors, but nothing major you can pick on. :fero:

Again all credit to England. That siege they built towards the end was very solid.
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