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Times they ara a changing.

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MSG Network has been airing there weekly Metrostars TV show since the start of the MLS season. The show consists of Interviews with players as well as there coach, a look at the Upcomming game and Highlights from the Metros last match. And get a load of this. it is actually airs twice a week at the same time. Go figure. Just when you think we US football fans were the arm pit of society a network smacks you with the contrary. OK im not going to go overboard as MSG lost the Yankees and had to fill up Air time, but it is a start. Next step will be Jim Rome with an interview with Bruce Arena. Nah Bruce wouldn't lower himself. I would do it though I would Love to shove OSF's dirty sock in his mouth, But that would ruin a pair of good socks No matter how dirty they were.
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Woah.....let leave this to PM's with each other...socks, wives, Jim Rome.....this thread is getting a bit "dirty.":D ;)
You haven't seen mine after a game at Ridgewood, NY's Metropolitan Oval before Nike fixed it up...now that's dirty. :D
Sportfriend Oval was the best..when ever it rains that place turns into a swimming pool and then just as quickly drains after the rain stops. The Croatian Land is nearby where my club team used to play (NY Croatia).

As for the Met Oval...yep, Nike bailed the place out, fixed it up, put in that new astroturf called "flubber" and now only U-19's and under can play there. That place was a classic...nice and flat...but rocks, broken glass, and a manhole cover lined the field....not to mention the lights they had that felt more like you were playing a game with fans shining flashlights to light the field..anything in the air you lost because it was to dark...lol;)
paulmay..what Club team did you play for??? Union Lancers??? Bergen United??? Sportsfriends???

The field in Flushing that you are thinking of is Laguardia Field...the Metropolitan Oval is in Ridgewood, Queens right off of Metropolitan Ave.

There is also Kisena Field on Kisena Blvd, and that is in Queens as well, I think its FLushing.

When I was a kid, my NY Croatia Youth team played on Randalls Island on the field that is at the open end of the Stadium. I remember what a big thing it was when we played inside the stadium. We also played Hajduk Split of Croatia inside Downing Stadium in 1990. My father used to watch the Cosmos play there too.

Paulmay have you ever played on that field in Union NJ where the Union lancers play on??? I think its right behind a restaurant. ANother of the NY Metropolitan Areas "Beautiful" fields.....:D
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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