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Times they ara a changing.

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MSG Network has been airing there weekly Metrostars TV show since the start of the MLS season. The show consists of Interviews with players as well as there coach, a look at the Upcomming game and Highlights from the Metros last match. And get a load of this. it is actually airs twice a week at the same time. Go figure. Just when you think we US football fans were the arm pit of society a network smacks you with the contrary. OK im not going to go overboard as MSG lost the Yankees and had to fill up Air time, but it is a start. Next step will be Jim Rome with an interview with Bruce Arena. Nah Bruce wouldn't lower himself. I would do it though I would Love to shove OSF's dirty sock in his mouth, But that would ruin a pair of good socks No matter how dirty they were.
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Yah but you dirty under garments are far too small for his Mouth.:eek: :D
Who told you?:D Im missing a footie boot see if I left it there.;)
Hey not as Dirty as OSFs socks now thats dirty.:D
They fixed that dump up, man I thought they would have to tear it down before they could do anything with that place.
But I have a worse place than that ever was. It is called Sports Friends in Wayne NJ. My God what a dump, three showers after a match still left you filthy.
Years ago the New York Eagles out of Fordum, the Bronx. UK Rovers out of the UN, Played at Downing Stadium. Parsippany Blues and a few others I cant remember. That was in this country.
The best pick up games held in NY were at Washington Square park. Right in the center of the park. With street Musicians packed around you and a footie match smack in the middle. What more could you ask for. Rock, Jazz, Classical, and chamber music all around you while you played. Now the Artists and players are no more. In fact it is Illeagal to do both in the park now.:depress: Funny that a Park you cant play in. Played in some great matches there and saw some great bands, now only a memory.
No pun intended but: "Times they are a Changing."
Depends on where you live. People in flushing say its flushing People in Forrest Hills say its there. Either way nothing to be proud of.
Never played against the Lancers but have played on a lot of fields in Union, Westfield, Edison, and Rahway, some good and most not so.
1 - 9 of 18 Posts
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