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Times they ara a changing.

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MSG Network has been airing there weekly Metrostars TV show since the start of the MLS season. The show consists of Interviews with players as well as there coach, a look at the Upcomming game and Highlights from the Metros last match. And get a load of this. it is actually airs twice a week at the same time. Go figure. Just when you think we US football fans were the arm pit of society a network smacks you with the contrary. OK im not going to go overboard as MSG lost the Yankees and had to fill up Air time, but it is a start. Next step will be Jim Rome with an interview with Bruce Arena. Nah Bruce wouldn't lower himself. I would do it though I would Love to shove OSF's dirty sock in his mouth, But that would ruin a pair of good socks No matter how dirty they were.
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Downing Stadium on Randalls Island! What a joint that was.

Metropolitan Oval, was that the place in Flushing? I used to play some bloodletting summer league games out there in the early 1980's

Also found this one spot in Central Park, kinda near the softball fields in from the 72nd street entrance if I remember right. Used to play sweaty, dirty pickup games all day there. 50 gallon drums as goals. Would cool off with one dollar cans of ice cold beer bought from entreprenuers rolling through the park. Also got a different kind of cool with another one dollar a pop product also offered by (sometimes the same) entreprenuers. Mexican laughing tobacco. Pre-Guliani. Anything went. Made this buddy, a big Scottish dude named Ian (never knew his last name). We would get on the same team and hammer on the Spanish guys all day, then hose off with a faucet next to Tavern on the Green, change into jeans and shirts, and head across town east to First Avenue and drink the evening away in the sports bars over there. We'd scout around for pairs of nasty city chicks. Made for a couple of really long summer Saturdays. Goddam if that wasn't an exciting summer! Nothing on Earth like Manhattan NYC!
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