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So you've all heard one side of the story and 90% of you obviously have decided that you now know every little detail about what's been going on behind the doors, heck judging on the "well formed" opinions of all of you, you'd think you guys were actually there in the Irish squad ;)
So let's hear the other side of the story (yes you'll find that in 99% of the arguments there's always the other side):


Keane: I was stabbed in the back
Date: Sunday, 26th May 2002 - 12:20 GMT

An article from today's Sunday Times looks at the latest comments from Roy Keane after the midfielder arrived home from Japan following his expulsion from the Republic of Ireland World Cup squad. As always, Keano doesn't mince words.....

ROY KEANE has dramatically raised the stakes in his feud with **** McCarthy, accusing the Irish football team manager of stabbing him in the back and seeking revenge. Keane, team captain until he was sacked last week after an explosive row on the eve of the World Cup, said he would not apologise in a million years for his outburst and that his conscience was clear. "Apologies? I don't think I should be apologising. If anything I believe the apologies are for others to apologise to me."

As the slanging match exploded in today's newspapers, McCarthy emphasised the gulf between the two by saying that Keane was history. "I have never had to listen to such foul-mouthed abuse from any footballer. I have never witnessed such an attack from any human being," he said. "Roy Keane is history now. He will never again get the chance to talk to me like he did last Thursday. No human will talki to me like that again."

The two men's comments appeared to knock frantic efforts at a compromise firmly on the head. Friends and family members were said to have urging Keane to express regret to the team and its fans, and to acknowledge the authority of McCarthy.

But Keane, speaking to the press after his 17-hour flight back to his home in Britain, deeclared: "There is absolutely no chance of that happening, never in a million years. I have been hurt too much by what has happened, let down by so many people within the Irish camp."

Keane alleged that the flare-up that led to his dismissal had been orchestrated and was the culmination of a long- running dispute that started during the US Cup. "A few of us got drunk out there and **** had a go at us on the team bus. I turned around and told him where to go...****'s last words to me....were: "I'll get you back someday. It may not be now or even next week"

"Eventually, this week, I feel he has got his revenge . I really do. That meeting on Thusday in Saipan was where it happened. Now I'm out of the Ireland squad and I won't be going back unless he's not around." In a brutally honest account of the dispute that led to his expulsion, Keane said: "I don't feel and ounce of guilt about my part in what has happened. I will return to Ireland next week and walk down the main street in Cork with my head held high. I have nothing to be ashamed of."

"I have huge pride in the Irish nation and that has not altered. But I will never be accused of faking injury and letting down my country , particularly when the accusations are made in front of the rest of the players. That's why I reacted the way I did and I don't feel sorry about any aspect of it ."

Keane added: "People are saying it is up to me to apologise. That's very funny. I think it should be the other way around. I won't be going to Japan. Maybe, just maybe, there is a slight chance I could play for Ireland once **** McCarthy is no longer manager."

He claimed McCarthy had forced him into a corner during the controversial meeting at the Saipan hotel in the knowledge that he would react explosively.

The former Ireland captain said: "I feel I have to defend my position. I want a fair hearing, and that's why I'm giving my side of the story. So much of what has been put in the public arena is utter nonsense. There has been so much distortion, so much stuff that has been untrue."

"Sure, I called **** a w****r. I'm not sorry about that. But I didn't refer to him being an Englishman not an Irishman, in any way . I was just trying to defend myself from very serious and unfair allegations."

Detailing the shambolic arrangements that led to his initial outburst, he said: "Frankly, the players were joking on the bus that it was like playing for the Dog and Duck. Many of them agreed with me that the training pitch, and the other part of the preparations, were just a complete nonsense. The pitch was rock hard and players were at risk of injury.

"Not only that, we were supposed to have salt water drinks to keep us in shape. They hadn't arrived. We were also left without boots or training kit. We had to use our casual gear for training. It was chaos. Just a joke. As captain, I think it was my responsibility. I spoke to ****, who agreed with me, but nothing was changed."

Keane claimed that, during the "clear-the-air" meeting, the Irish manager accused him of faking injury and letting down the country. "It was a reference to me missing the final World Cup qualifier, against Iran in Tehran. **** knew the truth because he had spoken to Sir Alex Ferguson about it. He agreed that my knee injury had to be considered and accepted that I would be absent.

"Now, suddenly, the accusations were being repeated. And it was being done in front of all the players, not in private. In the privacy of a room with ****, I could have handled it .

But I exploded. It wasn't right to treat me in this way. **** was definitely putting a challenge down to me. Without a doubt, it was all set up for me to react. I was being provoked and I swear on my children's lives it was being done deliberately .

"When your loyalty to your country is being questioned, I feel it is only right to speak out. I had to defend my position. To be fair I did use expletives, but these things hurt me."

Several players visited Keane in his hotel room after McCarthy had thrown him out of the squad. He claims that some of them backed him privately, but were afraid to do so publicly: "They said they agreed with me but didn't want to put themselves in jeopardy. Some people are sheep and some are wolves. There are a lot of sheep over there and I am probably a wolf. That's my honest assessment .

"I feel I have been maligned. I feel that I have been stabbed in the back . I have been let down by a great many people."

Keane acknowledged in an interview with the Mail on Sunday that he felt uneasy when he joined up with the squad in the days before they flew out of Dublin, sensing a "mood of resentment" following his failure to turn up at Niall Quinn's testimonial.

"The media in Ireland have made a monster out of Roy Keane. I don't recognise that particular figure. I am very approachable and hate the reputation of being a loner. I am not like that. The opposite, in fact.

"The truth is that, for whatever reason, some of the Irish players are very stand-offish. They laugh and joke in my face about why I don't turn up too early in reporting for the squads. And that's true. But behind closed doors I suspect they say other things as well.

"When I joined the squad a week or so ago I felt things were not right, and quietly I said to myself this was going to be a long, long trip. So there were many reasons apart from my preparations when I made my decision to walk away from the World Cup.

"I felt everything in my bones and knew it wouldn't be right. I go a lot on instinct and they told me things were not right within the squad for me ."

McCarthy responded by saying that Keane's attack on him in Saipan was unprecedented.

"I asked Roy Keane to tell me and the Irish squad what exactly was causing him to run to the press like a scalded cat just hours after I had accepted his decision to renege on his international retirement.

"He treated me with honesty in his reply. Sadly, there was no dignity and precious little respect in his choice of language.

"Some of the words Roy Keane finally used in his response to me, after six years of working together, have made the papers. Others, no doubt, will make his book when he comes clean later this year. Good luck to him. I will not use them here because they do not deserve to see air. "I have never had to listen to such foul-mouthed abuse from any footballer. I have never witnessed such an attack from any human being. It was vicious. It was unprecedented and it was unjust. I did not deserve it and was not going to take it. The honesty he displayed to me in that hotel room was obnoxious, degrading to me and downright rude.

"I looked at him, as he waded in with one expletive after another, and I asked myself if this was my captain, if this was one of my players? I did not travel to Saipan to force Roy Keane out of the World Cup. I did not pick that Pacific Island because I knew it would drive Roy up the wall and back down again. I have never treated him with anything other than the respect his God-given talent deserves. What did I get in return?" Sir Alex Ferguson, Keane's manager at Manchester United, took steps to repair his player's reputation with the Irish public by passing on the player's best wishes to the Ireland team for their World Cup campaign.

Speaking on Irish television, he said: "I spoke to Roy this morning and when he knew I was going to be interviewed, he said that he wants Ireland to do well and that was his main issue, for Ireland to do well, because he's a great Irishman."

Ferguson, who holds a strong influence over Keane, was in Ireland to watch his horse Rock of Gibraltar win the Irish 2,000 Guineas at The Curragh. He added that he had not wanted Keane to travel to the Far East because of concern over a knee injury, which requires surgery: "I know Roy and I didn't want him to go to the World Cup, as he needed an operation, but he was determined to go and he didn't see defeat as an option."

The ugly squabble shatters the dreams of millions of Irish fans who hoped this World Cup would see Ireland making its mark on an international stage. Earlier on Saturday, friends and family members were said to be urging Keane to apologise to the team and Ireland's fans.

Sir Alex Ferguson, Keane's club manager at Manchester United, said that he had not wanted the player to travel to the World Cup, because he was injured and needed an operation. Speaking at The Curragh racecourse, where his horse Rock of Gibraltar won the Irish Guineas, Ferguson said he wanted to talk to McCarthy. "At the moment, I've only heard one side of the story from the press and it does not make good reading," he said. "I spoke to Roy this morning and he's quite clear about his side of it.

" I didn't want him to go the World Cup because he needs an operation, but he was determined to play for Ireland and go there and win it , because that's the kind of man he is. All his demands on behalf of the players, about not having footballs and the training facilities, are typical Roy, because he wants the best."

Keane returned home shortly after 8am yesterday, after taking a flight from Heathrow to Manchester. Shortly after he arrived, he took his golden retriever for a walk in the countryside surrounding his mock-tudor home in Hale, Cheshire.

Brendan Menton, chief executive of the FAI, who was sent to Japan to make a last-ditch effort at reconciliation, said there was no way back. He supported McCarthy's controversial decision to call a meeting to discuss Keane's criticisms of training. "Roy was the one who was unhappy and everyone else seemed to be happy, and I think this thing had to be sorted out," he said. "**** had used one-to-ones with Roy, but this had to be a clear-the-air meeting and that was right."

Although the rest of the squad supported McCarthy's decision, they sympathised with Keane and visited his room to say they were sorry to see him go.

A spokesman for the taoiseach Bertie Ahern said the situation was sad but everyone "had to move on".



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Who do we believe? I have no idea of who is right and who is wrong but I know that Keane isn't going to be playing for Eire and that is that. I don't care about how much **** **** gave him the fact is he should stick with the team no matter what. He was ready to leave on his own behalf before and I don't think it should have gotten even that far. Who is in the right, it does not matter. Keane is gone and the World Cup has to go on!

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Excuses excuses excuses. The situation is irrelevant you DON'T talk to a coach like that. Even if you feel attacked because it was in a public meeting, even if you have a history with the guy. Its the W.C. say what has to be said and then for c#$4st sake suck it up. If he were such a true patriot as he tries to make himself out to be he would have sucked it up. Does he think he's the only star in history to be unsatisfied with preperations and his coach.
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