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Tim H*ward and the vörös ördögök

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Due to the amount of Amerikai Magyarok on here, I have little option but to open this thread :)
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they throw people wearing the different uniforms in a ring of DEATH and let them fight :) the winner will get one million dollar :D thats how they do that in America with a kit clash :)
Bentex said:
uniform? :eekani:
hey! he ain't workin' at McDonalds :D
what the hell :eek:
this is McDonalds :eek: :eek: :eek:
Andorovic said:
Roy keane and Man United have parted :eek:
I just got in and heard this :eekani:
this really is a b-day I will never forget.
Andorovic said:
My 2000 post :D :jester:
and all of them quality, congrats :thumbsup:
Look at the bright side :D now you have space for Ballack :D
but will he come before christmas?
Howard made a really good save in the reserves to stop an own goal from Gaz Neville.
Rossi was superb and scored a hat-trick!
the best ever goal was nearly scored today!
anyone see it?
it was at the end of the Aston Villa game.
I only have a clip of the very end of the move

I try and get one of the whole move.
oh and I made a gif of the Ronaldo skill :shades:

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181 - 194 of 194 Posts
Not open for further replies.