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Pista said:
Re Tim Howard and Carrol. Sir Fergie is an idiot! He has taken away any confidence either of them had..make one mistake and you sit until the other guy makes a mistake. Now they are both tentative. Fergie has no money to buy a good goalie and what good goalie would want to play at ManU when a little mistake is bench sittin time. Who made Fergusson a Knight?
if only Howard made one mistake.
in the past 12 months he has been the worst goalkeeper in the premier league.
he flaps at every cross, drops loads of balls... he has been at fault for so many goals, simply put he has had far many bad games the good.
Fergie stuck by him a long time while he was in bad form before he droped him.
Carrol makes far less mistakes than Howard but he is nothing special (good back up IMO)
No money?? do you have a link to David Gill? :D

Fergie a knight?
why not?

8 Premierships
1 Champions league
4 FA cups
1 European Cup winners cup
1 League cup

included in that a unique treble
and 2 doubles.

and dont forget what he did with Aberdeen, Highlight was taking this small scottish club to the European cup winners cup final and beating Real Madrid.

but to answer your question, only American fans care about Howard not being in the team... the rest of us are glad he is out.
just read through the forums.

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Pista said:

What I can't understand is that how a goalie who is voted the best by the players one year becomes "the worst the next". You don't think that Ferdinand's suspension last year had anything to do with it. I do..their defense was subpar. Every goalie makes a mistake! But when he does make a mistake you don't take him out. Either you believe in him or you don't. If you think he is good..let him play until his game has serious flaws. Any goalie who goes thru what Howard and Carrol are going thru will loose their confidence. Now they are thinking of not making a mistake and when they do that they make mistakes.
the voting was done a christmas time, that only covers a few months.
anybody can have a purple patch, you keep going on like he only made one mistake when even fact he makes several mistakes and mis judgements a game! he is constantly twitching and blinking.
I dont think Rio's ban helped him much, but his mistakes where playground errors. And dont forget he made these mistakes with Rio in the team aswell.

here is interesting stats I found in the Utd forum.

Player Club Saves to Shots Ratio
1 Cech Chelsea 83.3%
2 Kiraly Crystal Palace 82.9%
3 Carroll Manchester United 80.0%
4 Taylor Birmingham City 78.4%
5 Sorensen Aston Villa 78.3%
6 James Manchester City 77.6%
7 Dudek Liverpool 75.0%
8 Hislop Portsmouth 75.0%
9 Martyn Everton 74.4%
10 Niemi Southampton 72.0%
11 Green Norwich City 71.2%
12 Schwarzer Middlesbrough 69.8%
13 Jaaskelainen Bolton Wanderers 69.8%
14 Speroni Crystal Palace 69.0%
15 Friedel Blackburn Rovers 64.9%
16 Robinson Tottenham Hotspur 64.4%
17 Van der Sar Fulham 64.2%
18 Kiely Charlton Athletic 63.8%
19 Lehmann Arsenal 63.0%
20 Given Newcastle United 62.1%
21 Hoult West Bromwich Albion 60.3%
22 Howard Manchester United 58.3%
23 Kirkland Liverpool 50.0%

ManU has allowed only 9 more goals than Chelsea has. Do you blame that on the goalie or on the team? If Howard or Carrol were the goalies for Chelsea there would be no difference in the rankings. And if Cech makes a few mistakes and than is sat down when he comes back he is not the same.
nonesense, Cech is a world class goalkeeper ... one of the best in the world. and Cech has not made any blunders this season!

My cousin and and I watching the WBA/ManU game and when Earnshaw scored the penalty we both said that Fergie will make subsitutions and I said "watch he'll change 3 players all at once". Sure enough! In an important game he starts Smith..a rugby player instead of Rooney. Rooney is their only scoring threat. Scholes is on the bench...their play maker is sitting. Every game the team is changed with 4 or 5 players. You don't start your bench players and bring on your better players when you are down. You start with your best team,,get a lead, and then rest a few good players. They can't score because every game it's a new team. What made the 1954 Magyars great is that they all played together all the time!
I strongly agree, but this game didnt mean anything. So it dont matter.

ManU is low on money as their revenues are down significantly. He needs to find new players for Keane, Scholes, and Giggs as their are aging. He only has 20 million to play with and his problem is the offense not the goalie.
revenues are down, but they still are the richest club in the world.
if Fergie wants a player im no doubt he can get it.
and your wrong, every fan, every pundit says Man Utd need a goalkeeper.

OK so he was knighted for his past accomplishements. Seems to me the main culprit in ManU's demise is Fergie..why doesn't anyone blame him?
I blame him for signing Howard :D

how many goals did Saha and Ruud get last season?
take out them goals this season and I amazed at why people wonder why Man Utd struggle to score goals!
now take out Giggs, and add Rio's ban and Ronaldo and Heinze playing in the olympics.
Utd are no where near full strength this season... there is no demise, just
a setback.

From the highlights in the past few week Nemeth Szilard seems to be the best player.4 goals in the last two games and he hit the crossbar in the last game and set up one goal with a beautiful pass. Is he a bona fide Hungarian or Romanian citizen?
neither, he is Slovak.

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goalpdl said:
Sounds like Chelsea dismantled them. I think they should blame the loss on Carroll. After all, they have a goalie problem. :sleepy:
do you get sky sports commentry over there? :D
they wouldnt stop banging on about it all through the game.

#1 target they says for the summer has to be a goalkeeper.

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goalpdl said:
It does not make sense if you look at your statistics. Carroll is number 3. So, if Crystal Palace go down, does Gabi stay with them?
carrol has only made two blunders this season.
thats very good.... just so happens they were high profile ones.

you know when your counting something and you get to one and you think "Have I already counted that one" thats whats is like counting Howards blunders in the last 12 months.

who knows where gabi will be next season, alot of keepers in the EPL are around the same level... I cant see too much movement.

Man Utd are officialy looking at Gomes at PSV.... and another GK was mentioned today.

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note to NB1.hu

The stuff you stole from this thread is as old stat from months ago and you posted it as it was current news :D

now shall I post the current stats on your forum with an offical link? :D

will you be editing my posts again? :D :D

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Pista said:
Manu's problem are not the goalies..it's the forwards!
so who you suggest is bought? Szili? :)
I dont know if you know this but Man Utd have the best goals/games scroring forward for the last 5 years in the premiership and champions league... but I suppose it was Fergie's fault that he got injured.
like im sure that it was Fergie's fault that Saha got injured playing for France twice during the season. (Saha was one of the leading scorers in the premiership last season despite playing in only 60% of the games)
Oh and is it also Fegie's fault the Ole Gunner Solskjaer misses the whole season because he suffered a cruciate knee ligament injury?
Right there you have a potential of 60+ goals missing..... but its bad management not to have reserves that are capable of scoring 60 goals in a season. How would Chelsea of coped this season without Terry. Lampard and Cech??

That's what I'm trying to tell you too..you can put Cech with Southampton and their goalie with Chelsea and the points will not change.
I never said all the GK were of similar quality just some... Cech is a class apart. Its a crime to compare him with Niemi or Howard.

Having seen Howard blank the Champions League winner a few years ago (Bayern Munich) here live..all I can say that now his spirit has been diminished by Sir Fergie.
oh you are talking about that meaningless pre season friendly what nobody cares about? the one where both sides played a bunch of kids??
how about Howards performance againts FC Porto when it matters or againts Lyon??
you seem to forget Fergie kept him in the team for a long time while he was making mistakes... and not only that but when he went into the reserve team he was making huge blunders their too, including three againts Man City which I saw on MUTV.

Just wait till that American takes over ManU..then will see who the rightful goalie is!!!!!!!!
I dont know what you mean by this, do you thing Glazer will take over as head coach?? or tell Fergie what team to pick??
I wouldnt be so proud of Howard for playing for a club where things like this go on.... best thing Glazer can do is let Fergie get on with things.
Glazer can concentrate on making millions not only for himself but for Fergie's tranfer kitty.... with the priority being a top quality goalkeeper.

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I agree, the 'Glazer family' sent a statement to MUTV to say they were huge Man Utd fans. :D

concern is they could be an asset stripper.

however Man Utd have been making money for shareholders for years, only this time it goes to one person.... and we dont know how big a slice of the cake he will take.
one good this is he is a good businessman, and he should know that to make money on Man Utd he has to have a successful team.

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Piszkos Fred said:
Oh, he'll make money---can't wait til Old Trafford's naming rights are sold to Burger King! This whole thing is so funny to us ManUre haters.
I dont know what the problem people have about him making money, Man Utd have been making money for the PLC for years.
I also dont also take in this crap about UK and US shouldnt mix when it comes to sports.... I know a lot of Americans who know a lot about Football
and when I was a kid I used to play Rounders at School. I was not allowed to play netball though, only the girls played that.

ps, where are Hungary in the world series?

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pista bácsi you really need to learn how to use the quote button :)

here are the lyrics.....

When you walk through a storm,
Hold your head up high,
And don't be afraid of the dark.
At the end of a storm,
There's a golden sky,
And the sweet silver song of a lark.
Walk on through the wind, Walk on through the rain,
Though your dreams be tossed and blown..

Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart,
And you'll never walk alone.......
You'll never walk alone.

Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart,
And you'll never walk alone.......
You'll never walk alone.

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Fergie ready for transfer talks

Sir Alex Ferguson wants to begin transfer talks with new Manchester United owner Malcolm Glazer.

The American tycoon is reportedly ready to grant the Scottish tactician £20 million to spend in the summer after his widely unpopular takeover of the English giants.

Losing in the FA Cup final to Arsenal on Saturday compounded a dismal season for The Red Devils, and Ferguson is ready to splash the cash to reinforce his squad as he attempts to catch pre-eminent Chelsea.

Targets such as Michael Essien and Michael Owen have been linked with summer moves to Old Trafford, whilst a new shot-stopper remains a priority due to the worrying form of both Tim Howard and Roy Carroll.

Now Ferguson has revealed that he wants to sit down with the new owners before he goes on holiday in just over a week, after making phone contact with the Glazer family.

"As far as new signings are concerned, when we sit down with the new owners we will ascertain the situation," said Ferguson.

"I have spoken to them on the phone but I'm going on holiday on the first of June and I am not changing that - not at my age."

Meanwhile Ferguson labelled Arsenal 'boring' as they resisted United to claim the FA Cup on penalties.

The Gunners mustered just one shot on target throughout the tie as they were lacking their usual attacking impetus, although claimed the spoils as Paul Scholes missed a vital spot kick.

Ferguson admitted to being surprised by Arsene Wenger's decision to revert to a defensive 4-5-1 formation, and expressed his disappointment at the galling defeat.

"The fact that we did miss chances encouraged them to go for penalties," Ferguson continued.

"There was a period in extra time when they didn't even attempt to get into our box.

"I was surprised they went with Dennis Bergkamp up front on his own, they didn't have the pace to run through us and they have always had that in the past.

"They also went for a boring three-man midfield, it's disappointing to lose a game like that but in cup football you need a wee break and we didn't get it."

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MagyarStuttgart said:
Also the best keeper in Germany, sanyi.

Though i may be just slightly biased.

I forgot you were a Vfb Stuttgart fan :)

must be great seeing Hleb everyweek!

also Hinkel is a fave of mine, sad about what happened to Lahm..... but thats what happens if you want to go back to Bayern.

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KFT said:
no, i think you are not biased. :) :D
timo is the best keeper in germany.
this season, without timo the vfb stuttgart never had made it to a uefa cup spot.
forget about monkey kahn:yuck:, lehmann:yuck: and rost

agree with you guys, I still cant belive Klinsi only has him as third choice.
even lothar thinks them two clowns are better,

Timo just signed new contract though, I wonder what chance Man Utd has to get him.... would be good for Howard to train and learn of a class Keeper like him.

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goalpdl said:
Leave Carroll alone about the AC Milan game.
Alex Stepney the goalkeeper of the 1968 European cup final blamed Tim Howard for the goal in the san siro.
He said this mistake sumed up his year.
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