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Tickets Elfsborg-Lazio

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This is mostly for the swedish lazialis but all of you are ofcourse welcome to Sweden :)

The tickets is released the 25th this month so maybe we should gather up and order together so we can meet before the game and enter the stadium together. (The game is Aug. 24th for you who don´t know)

Forza Lazio !!
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Should be easier getting tickets for gajs-Lazio; Ullevi is a bit bigger, you know... =). How ever, I don't know wether I will be able to see ANY of the Lazio-games this summer. I may be out of the country in aug.

By the way: did you see IFK-Lazio last year, JOAKIM?
Unfortunately, Totte, I missed that one last year because of vacation, and I can´t see Gais-Lazio because of vacation (Cyprus, 1 week :) ), so that´s why I have to see this game !
I watched IFK-Lazio last year. I doubt it should be a problem to get the tickets this time, last year the weather was terrific, but the stadium wasn´t that packed.

It is much better idea to see Gais-Lazio...I agree
Cyprus 1 week, huh? Well, I guess that's what they call a good excuse... =).

No, Ullevi won't be full this year, that's true. Last year almost 38.000 people saw IFK-Lazio, but God knows how many of them took part of the Gothia Cup (wich gave them a reduced price or the ticket for free). We have to count that part of the crowd off this year.

Will be great, though, to welcome Svennis - and Lazio - back once again. Miha made one hell of a free kick against IFK. It will be fun to see what the guys can do against gajs... although I DO think Elfsborg-Lazio will be a better game.

Emir - did you see my quite huge "welcome-home" banner last year (I celebrated Erikssons return for the first time since the UEFA Cup triumph 1982)?
The only banner I saw was the huge "IFK Göteborg-Hamburg 4-0" on the "långsida" :)
I sat just above the players tunnel that time, I won´t forget that. After the game I had a chance to talk to Eriksson and ask for a player-shirt. But unfortunately all the players allready left the staduim, at least that was what Eriksson said...

Anyway guys, whoever is 100% sure that he will go and see this game, just mail me and we will keep contact. I know for sure that me and Mattias are going to that game, together. It would be a lot of fun to have a little Lazio-"hejarklack" of at least 10 crazy Laziale with banners, flags and so on...

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Hey guys, then only good thing with IFK game was Miha's "warm up" shots before the game, his FK and Veron's first game in a Lazio jersey. I actually had a "räkbuffé" which gave us the opportunity to have great seats. Besides that comme ci comme ca!

BTW the game against Elfsborg was, as I understood, the "best" game performed by Lazio. We should catch that one this year, or perhaps see them all:).

Is Lazio playing against Gais?? I thought it was supposed to be a Gothenburg all star team....if there's any hehehe.

Why the fukkese doesn't Lazio play against the best team in Svecia?? GNAGET föfffannn....
Rollo i am whith you on that 1 why is Lazio playing gais and not AIK who is da best team??

i hope to se Lazio in Sweden.

But Emir, can´t we organize a little "hejaklack" on the Elfsborg match aswell ?

It´s getting closer......
I'd love to join you, guys, but it would seem as I'm out of the country during late August... too bad. And my girl friend would probably treat me with the rough side of her tounge (in a very unpleasant way!) if I tried to change that.

Emir, about the banner: that's the one. Glad you remembered it - it was a hell of job making it...

Yes, it was quite a crappy game last year...

Rollo & JUAN F: can agree about the gajs-AIK comparison - AIK is somewhat better than gajs (he he). No, really, it WOULD have been more fun going to Råsunda. By the way: today the clash IFK-AIK will take place. Guess who's gonna work... (lot's of cursing). (The reason is that when I took some days off (for the HIF- and HBK-games), the game against AIK was sheduled for the 30th - a free day of mine. The damned Gothenburg police force had it changed for some reason).
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He, He.....doesn´t your girlfriend like Lazio Totte ? ? ? :(
I am not so sure that the game against Elfsborg will be better then against GAIS. Maybe, who knows...

But the best things with going to Göteborg are:
Bigger city, more fun after the game.
Beautiful stadium, I love Ullevi
99% chance to get good seats, since the stadium takes 40 000 or something
Girls in GBG are mmmmmmmmarabou
A place called "Nivån" on Avenyn, the best nightclub in Svezia, fck Spy Bar and Sture Com.

And the last thing, maybe the most important is: If we go to Göteborg the 18th, then we still have two more games we can catch, if we want too. If we wait until 25th for Elfsborg, then we will for sure only see one game...:(
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