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My heart was split after the game when I was watching Thuram joyful dancing with Dessailly :) and Cannavro crying like a child... :(

Thuram had a good tournament.He was the best right back and he will surely be in the ideal 11.Other defenders my have showed off more but Thuram did his job effectively and with his usual stability.His only dark spot was the first half against Spain where he made the worst appearance I've ever seen.In the second half however he ripped Munitis apart and was the best player in the pitch.In the plus his great performance against Portugal where he practically erased Figo.Moreover,he is champion! :)

Cannavaro had an even better tournament.He was incredible during the whole tournamet and he even shadowed the great Nesta.Along with Toldo Italy's MVP in this Euro.However,his tragic mistake,the first he made in this tournamet allowed Wiltord to equalise...so, :) for Fabio's performances, :( for his team's result...

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