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Three months...

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So, the European championship ended with the Cup falling from the hands of Didier Deschamps. Perhaps did it fall down as to say "Hey you don't deserve me, I want to be lifted by the team in white"? Or did it fall down just to say to Zoff "Hey, you had to send Pippo on, instead of that Del Piero"? Who knows? Anyway, the Euro 2000 has finished and all we can do now is just go on a sandy beach and wait for Serie A to begin in a three months' time. Well, are you ready to be for three months without:

Sandro Nesta's tackle
Sinisha Mihajlovic's free kick
Diego Simeone's goals to Juventus
Juan Sebastian Veròn's magic
Pavel Nedved's run-ins
Simone Inzaghi's tap-ins
Zago's spits
Cristian Vieri's injuries
Pippo's dives
Alessandro Del Piero's penalties
Edgar Davids' butchering
Paolo Montero's sending off
David Trezeguet's golden misses

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Didier let the trophy to fall on purpuse, because he is quiting his playing with National team :) No, just kidding, anyway, the trophy was broken, and I think it happened to right team for it. Italia should win, or even better team, Portugal !!

Portugal e basta
Aquila; Since Juve features quite... ehhh... prominently :) in your list, I take it you believe it will be a new scruff of the neck thing with Lazio and Juve ? Well- I do anyway.

With the purchases that has been done the next season looks (again) even more exciting than the last.

Three months without football...:(

I'm seriusly addicted...

Amo, try re-reading Joe McGinnis' "The Miracle of Castel di Sangro." :cool:
Well actually it's less than three months 'coz some leagues start earlier (better than nothing). :)
As a matter of fact my national league is still underway (no such thing as summer in equator, it's shiny throughout the year :p ) so it's not exactly a no-football situation.
Well... players need some break too from football so it's not such a bad idea. Moreover in those months without football I'll be quite busy with the new semester and the almost-revolution in the curriculum :mad:
But whenever I miss football I'll just watch again those great matches from last season and Euro 2000 that I taped!

Forza Lazio
3 months? And the Olimpic Games? Vai Italia Campione d' Europa !!!
PS: I can't write "Forza" thanks to that nice person president of a red and black team.:(
The last I care in Olimpic games about is football...the olimpic games are for other things.And Greece rules on them :)
I don't care much for olympic soccer either, but since I live in Australia, I would never pass up the chance to see Pirlo, Ambrosini, Baronio, Gattuso, Abbiatti and hopefully even Vieri.
If Del Piero comes I guarantee he'll cop a shoe to the head from the stands.
Hehehe I'll be watching for that Il Torro :)
So u from Adelaide/Melbourne or are u going on a bit of a car trip to see Italies games?

Hehehe and for all u italians u will see they mighty Asutralians smash em :rolleyes:

I'm from Sydney.
Australia has a good Olympic team and will put up a very good fight, but i just can't see them beating the u21 euro2000 champions.
Greece doesn't rule in the olympic games, it's USA.

Maybe we will see Boldon break the WR.

And the 40 years old beauty queen Ottey win a gold medal.

Who knows??

Theres no such thing as summer holidays here either, my team was just beaten out of the second round of the Norweigan Cup. We played good, and I was ( as always ;) ) the man of the match.
And the Cl starts in September....., the qualifiers even in August.::):)

Three mont's without...............we have to rest from a football a little bit........

FORZA INTER!!!!!!!!!
Greece has 10.000.000 people and we re third in the world in Athletics,among the top 5 in basketball and water polo,among the top 8 in volleyball,first in weight lifting (by a big margin to the second),and we have three of four athletes able to get a medal in the gymnastics..What else do you expect from such a small country?
3 months argh!!!

It's just beggining to sink in...

Well at least here in Canada, I have Baseball!!
3 months

In sweden we have da Allsvenskan...


long long time to go..... :(
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