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Let's look what was good and what was bad in the season

1 Lo Scudetto, naturally
2 Coppa Italia (We ARE going to win it)
3 The break through of S. Inzaghi
4 Simeone showed how good he really is
5 Veron!
6 Eriksson never lost fate in the players
7 The player's fighting spirit
8 The fans who support the team :)

1 The Valencia-Lazio game
2 Almeyda's many injuries (I luv him)
3 De Santis (Fortunately it turned out right)
4 The racist fans: We don't need them :(
5 Salas' disappointing season(Sorry)
6 Mancini's retirement
7 The constant speculations on who is leaving the team and who is staying

Feel free to comment this list
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