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Those Unfriendly North Koreans .....

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North Korean television shows US World Cup team

SEOUL, June 26 (AFP)--

North Korean television marked the 52nd anniversary of the Korean War by showing the United States' defeat at the World Cup and criticising the US players. A pirate recording of Germany's 1-0 victory over the Americans on June 21 was aired nationwide by Korean Central TV for 55 minutes late Tuesday, said the unification ministry in Seoul."The broadcast, however, did not show US flags. Film was heavily edited, sound was killed and commentators ran the US team down," a ministry official told AFP.

The North's strictly controlled state television has shown other matches from this World Cup but had never shown the US team since the World Cup began on May 31.This was the first time that the North broadcast a match involving the U.S. team since the Cup began May 31. North Korea, which commemorates June 25 as the Day of Struggle Against the US Imperialists, staged nationwide anti-US rallies on Tuesday. The United States fought with South Korea after communist troops crossed the Cold War frontier on June 25, 1950, triggering the devastating three-year war which left an estimated three million dead. Fighting ended in July 1953 with an armistice but no peace treaty has ever been signed, leaving the rival Koreas in a state of permanent alert. North Korea has never established relations with the United States and ties were strained again after US President George W. Bush said the communist state was part of "an axis of evil" spreading weapons of mass destruction.The famine-hit Stalinist country has illegally shown World Cup matches because it has not bought the rights to broadcast the games.

bahawah !!!!!! :dielaugh: Bunch of Losers !!!!!!
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Yes what a bunch of starving pathetic losers:rolleyes:
Whats the purpose of this thread?
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