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thompson...should he be sold!??

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there are mounting interest from man city to snatch thompson from us...

it's reported that we might part with him if the offer is right...

so what do u guys think!??
should we sell him!?especially that we ahve quite a lot of right midfielders...and if ever barmby comes ..it maybe harder for hm to get into the 1st team,..
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He's young - I wouldn't sell him yet - give him a chance to prove himself.

I feel he's as talented as S Gerrard. But his temper has made him looked worse last season.
sell him hes not that great both Smicer and Heggem are better.
as talented as gerard!??
no way...

he's good..he does a lot of defensive work ..and i think he could be an important squad player..
but if barmby comes...he will have very few chances of aplying..

last season he has had quite a lot since heggem and smicer were frequently injured!
Thompson is actually more skilful than Gerrard, but Gerrard passes the ball better.

Overall Thompson also made and scored more goals last season.
Thompson is a worker, and is not that talented. I'd sell him if the offer was good, he is not that great.
His biggest area of problem, is his temperment, it is terrible, and we don't need that attitude, we got rid of Ince for that reason!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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