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Ok, I've seen the game. And I have to say that boksic and Salas really sucked. But last time 5-2 who sucked then, Feynoord 2-1,
Roma 4-1, Milan 2-0 and lost games against smaller team, who sucked then?

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still salas again
and cecco its over now coz ur salas ..so shut up ur ass
u and salas fans leave with him ....i,ll be claping to u both

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Ok before we start selling anyone or insulting people, lets just remember that Salas IS a great striker, who is just out of form at the moment..it is unfortunate that Lazio can;t seem to find anyone to score important goals at the moment...but Salas should stay!

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I am with Cecco, although I dont dislike Lazindo!

But there are alot of people on this forum, from whom I believe became a Laziale just this season, and think they can say everything about it, and I wont name any names, the people know it theirselves who I am referring to, right?
ok then.

You guys are all a bunch of f**king losers!
I cant stress out enough how pathetic you are!
First..Inzaghino was total crap according to y'all, well, most of you ( I was pro-Inzaghi the first day he wore the fantastic Lazio-jersey btw ), but then, one match, he scores 4 goals against Marseille, and what does everybody write?
He is the best!
Dont sell him!
He is my favorite player!
Finally, a replacement for Vieri
HE is a GOD!

At that time, I cant remember anyone writing like that about Salas.
But now........wow!
He is the bullseye on your dartsboard!
You all make him look like trash and all!
Thats sooo wrong!

He is just a human being, and everybody has his bad moments, I know that!
But most of you dont seem to realize that, and that pisses me off!

If you are true Laziale, you should stop bitching, and support him.

FORZA LAZIO, in beautiful and bad times!

Thats something alot of you can't say,
well you can say it, but you cant mean it!!

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Nice words there Michel, you got 100 % right ! I am with you ! The man like Salas is very important member of LAZIO. He's not in good form now, but he WILL ! return !


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Michel, salas was a great player, may be he did many great games in River Plate, but not here, not in Olimpico, not in Lazio, not this season, not yesterday !!!

Salas did great many passes to Vieri last year, now he MUST know that the club rely on him for attacking..... he realized but he is not able to make it happen ....

Who will replace him ? It's an easy question, out there are many much better attacker than salas...... just remember salas' style is not suit to Lazio's style...... I don't why (or maybe to stupid so can't explain this cause) .....

We definitely must sell him or we will be worse and worse ..... next season.

However I agree with you to every fans who always change their mind after a player's performance ...

But not for salas, even we won over Perugia no no no no .... salas played very ugly and might it was the worst attackerI've ever seen in Serie A ..... missed 6 100% chances to score ?!! not an attacker ....

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Tough one but I think that I'm with Lazindo on this one and I start to wonder if Salas can go on in Lazio after this unsuccesful season. I have always defended him here on the forum but enough is enough.

But I know that he will be back even if it takes til next season but I don't think that we ever can trust him as a goalscorer, maybe not even as regular attacker. By the way I don't think that he is that highly valued at the moment so maybe we should keep him a while.

The main reson for keepin him would be that he alongs with a couple of others is the heart of the new Lazio. We can't go on like Inter can we?

And maybe he surprises us deeply next season, he sure got the skills for it. Just look at Cole and Crespo. They both wasn't too impressive in their 2 first season in Man U and Parma and now they are truly superstars.

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Good one there lazindo,Salas was never any good for us!!!!!!!Good one!!!!!!!

Are really a LAZIO supporter?
Because if you are,you must of only started this year!!!!!!!

FORZA EL MATADOR we will(most of us) always
STAND by you!!!!!


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All I can say to you anti-SALAS people is....
hmmmm, no words come to my mind right now except...."CHE CE FREGA D' RONALDO, NOI C'AVEMO EL MATADOR,MATADOR,MATADOR!

I just wonder if you even heard us sing this song at all!
If not, go back to where the f*** you were then, man u type supporters like you can eat **** for life!


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hey Jordanian--guy what is your problem huh!! why do we salas fans have to get out of here with salas....uve probably only been a lazio supporter since this season and slept through all the great games hes played

so lets sell all the players that have been out of form this year
that would be the whole team except nesta
u know it is useful to have a squad to play soccer

we dont need people like u who call themselves laziali and come to xtratime to insult other laziali and the lazio players


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I'm not anti- salas , just I don't want Lazio sink deeper because we rely too much on this player ... I like him , he scored magnificient goal to Torino's net .. just now he is not as good as he was ...
We need more to get better achievement .
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