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After reading the Cragnotti statements I feel that it´s just wrong it´s just totally wrong!! The Cragnottis are doing precisely what they shouldn´t be doing! Their statements are a ofcourse a sign that they don´t accept this but also a cry of desperation that everything is unfair and that Lazio deserve to win "Lo Scudetto".
This will just give the Juve players even more reason too just shrug their heads and feel the "scudetto" coming closer. If the Cragnottis would have been smart they would have said to the press that
"we´ll we don´t like what we have seen, but we can´t do anything about that now it´s in the past- Now we just have to try and win against Reggina and hope that Perugia will take a point against Juve"
And Eriksson should have gone to the TV- interviews and been as cool as ever! Then and only then would the Juve players feel that they had come off this game very, very lucky and that they have to win their last away match otherwise their opponents will be there and take the title...

Directly after the matches today I was sure that Juve was gonna loose points against Perugia, now... I´m not that sure anymore.

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Are you for real or what?
They did exactly what they had to do,and that
is defend LA S.S.LAZIO!!!!!!
What are you trying to say?that we should just shut up and take whatever they give us?
I don't think so,it's time to act!!!
And don't tell me after what you saw today,that you really beleive that rube will lose points at Perugia?Mr.Fiat already thought about that!!!!!!!!

And to tell you the truth,I don't really give a **** what happens,because in my mind,WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!

P.S.I already have the tricolore on my jersey!


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Cragnotti has had enough, and I understand him. It´s time to play with open cards, the whole Europe is watching and everybody knows
what is going on...

Reale, I agree, Perugia is just a matter of playing 90 minutes, getting one penalty after Inzaghi-dive, and taking three points.
It is allready fixed!!!

But deep in my heart I still believe in JUSTICE. We are worth it


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Guys, guys I understand you! a couple of hours ago i felt excactly the same!!! I understand Cragnottis anger but no matter what happens that Juventus win will stand!

If this was the last round and everything were over, I would totally understand Cragnotti and he then should´ve protested as much as he´s been doing now, But there is one round left!!!!! We still have the chance!!!
I think that today we shoud´ve shut up- ok protest? fine, but not screaming about that everything is unfair and that we should move out of the Italian league, and more importantlyu notlet Juventus think that we have given up already! The only thing that matter right now is "lo scudetto" nothing else!!!!!!!

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It is always the same movie.Last year Milan,this year Juve! Lazio is clearly the best team for last two seasons.But can not be the champions.I knew Juve were gonna win 1-0 But i always hoped about a late equaliser would be enough.They did but ref said no!I never wanted Juve to lose!Just a draw .. I just want a "spareggio" with them.And they will see 1-0 won't be enough.I swear, they have a real sh*t team ,like last year's Milan .But,i can not believe that.I go mad.Cragnotti must do something on this.He has to increase pressure on referees and Juve.If i were him ,in midweek i would say : "..I heard bad rumours about the referee,but i don't want to believe these...etc.etc." This is the rule of the game and they play it that way (Juve and Milan)
I don't believe to Perugia team,They must already had a deal with Juve.Some of their players sold the game to Milan.
I still can not forget Batistuta's last second free-kick...I am sick...
I want to die ! We lost it !
A great season but just win a "coppa italia" merda.Because of referees! In Valencia ladro frocio Markus Merk! e oggi bastardo De santis...Ancora non credo e
spero un Superga bianconera

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My point I didn´t make is that the talk this hole week now we´ll be about the judges and if they are corrupt or not. Nothing we´ll be said about Juve cracking up or not, so since everyone else seem to think that it´s all over they´ll think so too and the pressure on them will not be as high!!
This is just my opinion and hopefully I´m wrong!

And about Cragnotti defending Lazio there is no doubt: Of course he should!!!!!

Forza Perugia

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This is not wrong, you are wrong !

Finally Cragnotti is going to take do something against the MAFIA that is going on in Serie A. It's time to end this and there is no better time than do it now !

I don't understand any of your points, are you trying to say that we should just sit and take all the sh!t they are throwing at us ???
We did so last year, Cragnotti thought that maybe without complaining the treatment towards Lazio would have been different but instead we have had even more decisions against this year, than last year…


And give up your hopes !
There is no chance Juventus will loose points against Perugia, I would have believed too that they could loose to Perugia if Juventus had won fairly against Parma. But now they won in another way !
Don't you understand that it is over, the game is not played on the field…. Please try to understand because this kind of forced optimism you have makes me sick !

If I were Cragnotti I would play with the youngest youth team on Sunday and let Reggina win 100-0. A good idea to show that we won't just sit and take this sh!t anymore !!

Forza Lazio

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Maybe you are right, I don´t live in italy so I can´t feel the hysteria or read and hear opinions about this goal except here in the forum, so

You probably now alot more about what´s going on in serie A and from what I understand has for a long time questioned the referees wich I never thought of, and from what I can read I understand that you are fed up with this referee problem, and if I would´ve lived in italy I probably would as been as pissed as you!

The only thing I think is that since we
still have a chance to win serie A I think we should wait for the next round and hope that those bastard zebras will loose points against preugia so there at least will be a play-off match.

But as you said maybe it´s time to act against these damn referees, I just don´t hope we give up for "lo scudetto" now!

Forza Perugia!!!!!
Forza Lazio!!!!!!!!

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I might be naive in believing that it's not over until the...(where's Marco?). No matter what the situation, I believe that the team, and the players should still fight until the end! And that also means the game vs Reggina! But after seeing how devastated our players are after the match, I'm not sure that during the match vs Reggina the players will be concentrated. Instead their minds would be divided...they might be more concerned with the other match! It's natural for them, but I still believe that when all hope is not lost, you still have to give your best! You have no power to decide the other match's outcome, but you can determine the result of your own match! Perhaps not for the trophy at the end, but at least for Lazio, the players, the fans, and the sake of football themselves. Again, I'm hoping for the best but expecting for the worst...
And yes, Cragnotti's actions were understandable. One can only take so much. Perhaps it's not a good timing for our remaining match and the Cup Final, but it's a good timing in terms of the footballing world, where all eyes are focused on this incident.
So what I think is - Cragnotti should go all the way with his action, and as for the players, they should go all the way too - but on the pitch, not off the pitch!
So that at the end of the season, whether or not we win the scudetto, we can still keep our heads high, and retain our dignity, knowing that we've given our best and nothing less.

Forza Lazio!

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I so agree with Reale, I mean if Cragnotti doesn't stick up for the team, who will?
We can't just accept what happend when we all saw what the referee did was wrong!

I can't belive this could happen in the world's best leauge !

Mrs Nesta

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Hey Josh07, you don't have to wait THAT long!! Just wait until
next sunday, you'll see Lazio winning in optima forma!!!

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