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9 years old now?!?!?!

I dont know how many times this has been discussed, but WHAT IS the solution for his?!

Brazlians dont know how to do business, so this is what I propose:

Bring your trainers, and sign your contracts. The player stays until he's 17/18 then you can move him. You can own him all you want, but leave him in Brasil!!

· Cachorro
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Brasil's sports legislation needs to be changed. As it stands today, Brasilian football is being bled dry. The agents, who live to transfer players, currently wield all the power, while the absolute majority of clubs are sinking like bricks.

And if you feel outraged by that 9-year-old's transfer to Roma, wait until a few years pass and that kid gets invited to play for the Italian NT. It's only a matter of time.
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