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This is getting weirder every day

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Every day there are new speculations and promises from the Barcelona presidential candidates:

Barcelona presidential candidate Lluis Bassat has promised to sign Pablo Aimer if he wins the election. The Argentine striker is dubbed ´the South American Cruyff´ and will join Zinedine Zidane and Gerard Lopez at the Nou Camp.

Bassat´s rival, Joan Gaspart has promised to sign Alfonso Perez, Ivan De La Pena, Emanuel Petit and Marc Overmars if he wins. But Bassat mocked his claims saying, ´What Barcelona doesn't need is another Dutchman. That's just Van Gaalism but without Van Gaal.´

Bassat also claims he has signed an agreement with Luis Figo to stay at Barcelona. Florentino Perez used Figo in his campaign to win Real Madrid´s presidency, and will sign the Portuguese winger on Monday. But Bassat has thrown the deal into doubt, by claiming he has renegotiated Figo´s contract.

I can´t wait till Monday to see what this is all about!
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ok let´s sum this situation up:

Bassat would keep Figo and promises to buy Zidane, Aimar and Gerard.
Gaspart looks forward to sign Overmars, Petit, DeLaPena and Alfonso
Gaspart also wants to pick up a fight with our dear :rolleyes: rivals and wants to pinch their Iker Casillas and Roberto Carlos if they steal our Luis Figo.
Zenden isn´t sold yet, Nunez stopped the transfer to Lazio, cause if Figo goes away Zenden should stay.
Rivaldo is unhappy and thinks he doesn´t get enough money.
And this damn discussion about Figo is just to sad and confusing!

I have no idea which president I would vote for, I like some ideas very much (Aimar, DeLaPena,...) but there´s still no defender mentioned.

Let´s hope this is the last presidential election for a very (and I mean very!) long time!
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MxPx, I heard on tv debate that Bassat said he renegotiated the contract with Figo and our #7 was ready to sign but Veiga stepped in and stopped the deal from happening. That Veiga is a bastard, all agents are ruining football, making teams pay too much.
I agree with MxPx.

Although I'm a little bit more favorable to Bassat's signings. But if Gaspart gets Roberto Carlos and Casillas to go with his other signings, both would have a good chance.
Dutch, you´re confused?

The only word that comes to my mind considering Veiga is "Klootzakken", if you know what I mean ;)
Veiga must be the biggest "Godvertieftekankerflikker" (something in Dutch I will not translate. Otherwise I will probably be banned :p) walking around on two legs....
Sorry, R. Carlos will not begoing to barca.
Gas-fart is full of it.
The player must agree and can not be plucked away without his consent. unlike Figo, R. Carlos & Casillas will remain
faithful to their club.
Strange days...strange days...
I just want Dutch to translate what he thinks about Veiga (who I also think is the biggest puta on earth) :)
There's also a rumour going round, which was actually printed in Sport or Marca (I don't remember which)yesterday that Gaspart will have Nuñez on his board if he wins. This means that Nuñez's resignation and the elections will have been a farce from the very beginning.
If Nunez stays, why should we have to elect a new president??? and I'm confused as well. Milan said that if Figo leaves, Rivaldo won't be permitted to go, so does it mean that if Figo stays, Rivaldo leaves, Figo leaves, Rivaldo stays????? and about Zenden, now the transfer is stopped by Nunez, so does it also mean that if Figo leaves, then Zenden would have to stay???:( I don't think so. :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

Veiga is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX:mad::mad::mad:(can't write I want to say, otherwise I would be banned!!!!)

What does he gain for doing this????? MONEY????????????????
Veiga would wish I called him the biggest puta on earth...

godvertieft = gaddamned, but then ten times worse :)

kanker = cancer, horrible decease. Often used in Holland (like many deceases, but cancer is the worst) to give an extra negative value to the following word.

flikker = ***

If I would call him the biggest puta on earth, I'm just telling the truth. What better description do you have for a man doing absolutely everything for money????
I think the ideal club for Veiga would be Manure...
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