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Things what makes your heart warm at Inter

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For me:

*I'm listening one song then i'm usually thinking about Inter if i'm not thinking of my ex-girlfried who dumped me. I'm proud for being Inter fan.
*Game what we are playing
*When some players are making making debut, im as happy as they are.
*I'm proud of having player like Adriano in Inter.
*If some graeat player who had played for us remindes us with big words.
*When we win game, i always think that we are the greatest team in world :D
*I have tried to think what would i too when we won some titel. I would love to get known with that feeling.

:sweeteye: :hopefull: :proud:
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When I see Moratti applauding in the stands
The Ultras doing their thing
JZ leading the team out onto the pitch
Adriano scoring and thanking God
the Jersey
Vieri scoring and celebrating like a madman
The entire San SIro erupting after goals
Cacìni said:

He symbolizes Inter more than, say Zanetti does to you?
No. He symbolizes Inter more than how much Royal Highness said he does. That's what I said.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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