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After BIANCOCELESTE's wonderful (!) topic about things we hate about football, I thought I would lighten up he forum with a more postive topic: Things we love about fooball! (teams,players,feelings,anything!)

- Lazio!
- Newcastle Breakers (Australia)
- The passion of the fans
- The way it unites people from every culture
- The way it breaks down political boundaries (e.g. USA vs Iran, FRANCE 98)

Forza Lazio!
Forza Newcastle Breakers!

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Are we allowed to say I love now, or should I mention the word like? :)

I also agree with your points, of course! except those Newcastle Breakers :)

But I also love/like Vitesse Arnhem, from my hometown.
I also LOVE to play soccer myself,
and I also, uhm, like those stupid rumours on this forum!

Oh, and I almost forgot those buy/sell topics! ;)

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Clubs + national teams
-Lazio AND the players
-Real Madrid, Dinamo Kyiv, Blackburn Rovers
-Romania, Spain, Germany

-Lineker,Klinsmann,Michel of Real Madrid
-Signori, Fuser, di Matteo (see the trend?)
-Andriy Shevchenko, Tore Andre Flo...

and about football itself... :)
-first and foremost : football/soccer/futbol/fussball/calcio...
-the universal appeal of football!
-the passion & sense of belonging it evokes :)
-it's not exclusive - unlike tennis, golf, etc...
-its stress-relieving ability (esp after exams ;) )
...and many more, actually.

How I LOVE football!!! :) :D

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When someone beats United, Roma, Juventus

Winning the scudetto




to play it with your friends with a couple of beers!

"Chi non salta giallorosso e'!!!!!"

Marcelo Salas
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