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I just finished reading on italian soccer the comments from pathetic Lippi and Zac and I can only say that they and the italian media make me sick. I get the feeling that if you could hide behind a rock Lippi and Zac would already be there hiding instead of taking blame for a piss poor season. Today I watched the Reggina - Milan game with a friend who had access to the game via cable and I can gladly tell Lazio fans that Baronio didn´t dissapoint. Milan where dominated great parts of the game and except for a good move from Jose Mari after a Reggina mistake it was a Regginas game.

Zac and Lippi can only make excuses and somehow the italian media can look past the errors and they seem to be waiting for the next golden age of Lippi and Milan.

Forza Lazio and to hell with the italian media !!
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