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According to Marca, Zahovic has officially signed a 5 year contract with Valencia. His release clause is set at ~60 million dollars (10000 million pesetas).

My opinion: I think Zahovic is a very talented player that will bring a lot to Valencia, assuming he doesn't get into trouble (I don't think he will).
I think signing him for 5 years is too long (he is already 29). However, I don't expect him to stay that long. I wouldn't be surprised if he leaves at the end of this season or the following one with Valencia making a good profit (kind of like what happened with Mijatovic).

In other news, apparently Valencia is talking with Milan AC about getting Ayala, their Argentinian defender. Valencia is in serious need for a left (and right) back(s).

That's it for now,


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Here is the dailysoccer article:

Valencia completed the signing
of Slovenian Euro 2000 star Zlatko Zahovic from Olympiakos for
$8.3 million, the Greek club confirmed late on Wednesday.
The Spanish first division club, runners-up in last season's
Champions League, signed Zahovic following what the official
website of the Greek champions said were lengthy negotiations at
their Athens offices.
Zahovic came to the attention of the world's top teams at
Euro 2000 where he scored three goals for a modest Slovenia
The 28-year-old attacking midfielder, who came to Olympiakos
Piraeus from Portugal's Porto in August 1999, told reporters
that he was leaving the club on "friendly terms" despite ending
last season on the sidelines as punishment for abusing former
team coach Alberto Bigon.
The move represents a big loss for Olympiakos on a player
that cost them $16 million in fees and wages less than a year


My opinion, it's a good move. I think Cuper said last week that he will use him behind the forwards. And you are right, we need some full backs. And I think Ayala is central defense, and he would be a happy addition as well.

Zahoviè is very big player and i think he will do very good here.
He like to play in southwest (Spain and Portugal).
Just see him next year!!!!
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