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That's how coach Shane Rufer descibed his side's dismal defeat away to the Melbourne Knights. Rufer also said he couldv'e replaced the whole team at half-time, and I thoroughly agree with him, every player was totally hopeless in the first half, maybe with the exception of Jeff Campbell. By the end of the game substitute Aaron Silva was the only player who stood out as someone who had some intentions of getting on the scoresheet. I now know why Dutch 2nd division team RBC let John Lammers go, this guy completely sucks, especially in front of goal. The Kingz keeper Daniel Duke also had a awful game, get caught flat footed twice, and far too far from the goaline. The Kingz play-off hopes have disappeared we all know, unless they win their remaining 5 games, they have to lay in the space of 21 days, now that's just an impossible task. But the Kingz have had a reasonably good first season, but their in a bit of a financial problem right now, so who knows if they'll be back next season.
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