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A 21-year-old Oman player overtakes the world stars Raúl , Luis Figo and Owen!

Since 1991 IFFHS has honoured annually the World Goalgetter. For this purpose, only goals scored in the full internationals "A" and (inter)continental club competitions between January 1st to December 31st are considered. As of today, the winners have been 4 Europeans, 3 Latin Americans and 3 Asians.
During the World Cup Qualifying matches, the Australians scored an enormous amount of goals, in what looked like a clear leadership for their world recordman "Archie" Thompson (13 goals scored in one full international). Thompson was born in New Zealand of New Zealand father and New Guinee mother, but most of his 23 years he has been living in Australia and he has also the Australian nationality. By the middle of year he seemed to be the sure winner.

The world stars playing in Europe, Raúl, Luis Figo and Owen shortened the distance with their performances at the end of the year. But unexpectedly, an Asian player defending the national colours of Oman scored goal by goal and ended being the absolute "The World's Top Goal Scorer 2001". The Omanian Hani Al-Dhabit Faraj Bait Al-Noobi was born on October 15th, 1979, and plays with the Dhofar Club of the coastal city Salalah, by the Indian Ocean. During the season 2000-01 he was the national leading league scorer and is considered already as one of the best Asian forwards.

There are world-wide 38 players who scored in 2001 total 10 and more such international goals. Among the "Top 38" are 13 Europeans, 11 Latin Americans, 10 Asians and two each from Africa and Oceania. By countries, there are 3 Brazilians, 3 Portugueses and 3 Saudi Arabs. Recent winners of the World Goalgetter were Raúl from Spain (14 goals), and the following year the Brazilian Rivaldo (21 goals).

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