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Aside from the match itself, I just wanted to start a thread and get your reactions on the importance of holding a civilized derby on Wed.! The behavior of our fans (and Lazio's) will be under the magnifying glass due to what happened a few weeks ago. I really hope Rome comes off looking improved. Our fans and city took a beating in the press and among football fans everywhere after the last episode. It broke all our hearts. I'm not from Rome, but I get angry with people that post trash about the city and our club and our ultras. So I found myself in a tough position after the "dead" child fiasco. I was angry at people for putting us down, but unable to defend the ultras' pathetic actions. So I hope the ultras learned their lesson. I still have not heard what punishment, what resolution, what even happened that day. Have you? It's very typical.
Anyway, what are your thoughts on this important, albeit rambling, subject?

>>>04/19/2004. During a television interview, Angelo Peruzzi assured everyone that Rome will behave itself on Wednesday just like a great city should during such an event.

The biancoceleste goalkeeper stated: "It will be a special match for all. Rome will behave like a great city and I think that all problems that have occured will be cancelled."<<

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