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Although the investigation phase into the
legitimacy of Veron (and other player's)
documents, giving them EU status, is closed, the
evidence has now been passed on to future
investigation authorities because the documents in
question are not considered legitimate. Those still
under investigation include Veron, Sergio
Cragnotti, Nello Governato, Mascardi's (player's
agent), lawyer Oulici, Francisco Hidalgo
(Mascardi's assistant) and translator of the
'Alvarez' office who dealt with the documents.
So after six months the enquiry is far from over.


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Wait a minute and read this:

Secondo il pm Piro, che si stava occupando del
caso Veron, fu irregolare la documentazione
utilizzata dal giocatore della Lazio per ottenere
il passaporto italiano.
Dopo sei mesi di indagini il pm Piro ha chiuso
l'inchiesta e ha messo gli atti a disposizione
degli indagati.
La procedura usata dal pm sottintende l'intenzione
di chiedere rinvio a giudizio di quelle persone
nei cui confronti siano emerse responsabilità.
Tra gli indagati, oltre a Veron, Sergio Cragnotti,
Nello Governato, Oulici, il procuratore
Mascardi, Francisco Hidalgo (braccio destro di
Mascardi) e Maria Elena Tibaldi, traduttrice
dello studio 'Alvarez' che raccolse la
documentazione consegnata poi al comune di Roma.

What do you think guys??
Are you looking at a fall down of a big club??

La victoire est en nous...pour toujours!

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I dont speak italian, so please write english...

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San Siro- The calciomercato text you pasted is identical to the one I put in earlier. The one ssLazio has put in is the "translated" version (more or less) anyway.
Therefore it looks like we can conclude that it's still not concluded whether Lazio or Veron is at fault, but it does seem like there is something fishy as the documentation papers appear to be ilegitimate.

If there's no concrete evidence of anything I seriously doubt that anything will ever come of this.
Veron's passport MAY be revoked, but I don't think any futher action will be taken.
Not if these informations are correct anyway.

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