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The upcomming Lecce game at home!

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Well this is the last game of the season(playoffs not counting) and we have the CL in our own hands we oviously have to win to still have a chance of qualifing for the CL.
Inter has to play an away game against Cagliari(they had problems with them in the Coppa) always a tough away opponent so if they draw and we win well were in.
If we draw and they win well then wereout.
If we both win we are going to play 1 game on a neutral ground.
If we both draw and Roma wins all 3 clubs play i think 2 playoff games.
If milan loses and Parma and inter win also 2 playoff games i think.

Ok now on the Lecce game, lecce has nothing to win(not even Intertoto i think) exept that they could finish 9th so they won't make it to hard for us.
They always play(like us) 3-5-2 with only a few spotting players: Sesa a swiss right winger/striker who has a lethel shot/free kick.
Lima: brazilian playmaker
Juarez: brazilian hard and tough right center back
Lucarreli: Heavy striker many goals before the winter break didn't score as many goals anymore (milan game not included) after the break.
To round it up still a tough team i think we should stick to 3-5-2 and play a bit offensive.
My pick 2-0 for Parma.

Tell me what you think about Lecce and the upcomming game!

Forza Parma
Forza Feyenoord
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Sorry corection Lecce still could qualify for the Inter-totto cup so.......
To put it simple: a game we CAN and MUST win.If we dont beat Lecce we dont deserve to go to CL.Inter will win because Cagliari is already relegated.

Be careful of their counter attacks with Lucarelli and Sesa and everything will go well.

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
I bet Parma loses that Lecce-match. The reason is simple: WE ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH to play the CL.

I prefer to see Parma rebuilds the team instead of wasting time struggling to get into the first round in CL.

Oh shut up Parma Mania... We could very well be good enough by next season. And do you really think that Inter is any better?

Calgiari know that this is their last Serie A game for this time and are anxious to show their fans that they can still beat the top sides. I think that they take much pride in that last game against Inter at home. If the game had been played away, well then they wouldn't have fought like they are going to do now. But in front of their loyal supporters they won't just roll over and die in front of an Inter with serious problems. I think we have a better chance of winning that Inter has, even if the likely results are that we both win...
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