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The UEFA Cup Final and penalty commotion

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I dozed off while watching it on the TV. I read that they are some commotion regarding which goal posts the referee decided for the shoot-outs to be played.

Can anyone tell me what exactly happened?
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i think they flipped for it
i did see them flipping a coin, but i think it was unfair that gala took the first penalty and they also took them at the side where all the gala fans were
i think that was a bit dodgy

that is too late boys .if u wanna turn back hagi's sent off was unfair
I heard that Adams won the toss, but the ref decided for him to take the penalties at the end with the Gala fans.
i also heard adams went up to suker and told him that he was taking the first penalty
better penalty takers:
all would have done a better job than suker
at least they had all touched the ball at least twice before
but suker did say sorry
so full marks to him :)
hope he does well in west ham

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Why was Hagi's red card unfair? I thought he pushed/punched an Arsenal player?

I was hoping Arsenal could clinch the victory... not Gala.
Loose Moose, Suker may have missed his penalty, but none of those players you named are better penalty takers than Suker. Suker is the penalty taker for Croatia, and hasn't missed one penalty, not ONE!

Suker is 32 and not what he once was, but it seems you Arsenal fans give him no respect. It's not his fault Arsenal lost the game.
sorry if i have offended you or suker
i think he is a great player
but i think at that time, he was probably not a good choice to take penalties
he hadnt touched the ball much
hadnt played for a long time
wasnt accustomed to the settings enough
but if he had played the whole game
he would have been a good choice
i respect suker very much
top scorer at a world cup is no mean feat

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No no no. No need to apologize Loose Moose. :) You didn't offend me, and you're entitled to your opinion.

I just thought you didn't think he was a good penalty taker. Under the circumstances, I wouldn't have picked him for a shot either. :)
Suker, great penalty taker? He seems to have bottle it everytime there is a big one to take though eg. v Liverpool at Anfield, v Galasatray in the UEFA Cup Final.

Nuff said.
Just like in WC when he had to retake his penalty against Romania. Just the day before, his teammate from Madrid, Mijatovic missed one, which added to the pressure.

He scored both of them ;)

nuff said
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