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on ur effin bike schwab!!

caseys whole ticket was returned to power incredibly :)

i think this clearly showed tigers supporters have had enough of the typical, "we need change at richmond, the past champions know what they are doing they are on our side, sack the board!" mentality. Every time something has gone wrong at richmond the past 20 odd years weve done that and invariably eneded up[ at square 1, good to see a bit of faith in these guys, now lets see if they can do the right thing by the club!

oh and a small thing called the greg miller factor helped just a tad :D

onwards and upwards tiges, all the shit is behind is now, time to totally focus on getting rid of the assclowns of the league tag!

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Good news for the tiges,hopefully order can be fully restored and let the club do what they really are focused on getting back to being a force.All the best for 05 exciting times ahead. ;)
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