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Today Callisto Tanzi (the owner) and Stefano Tanzi (the president) gave intrviews to several italian papers...among their comments I pick these:

"Alex will join us,he is even better than Ortega.And no we are not interested in Rui Costa"

"Roque Junior will go to Milan only if we decide to give the go ahead"

"We had some meetings with Denilson's agent"

"Parma is not a SuperMarket,we are not selling,we are buying..."

"Crespo is not for sale,this is out of question.We are going to build arounbd him"

"None of the core players will leave,we are going to strengthen the squad"

"We have already moved in the transfer market,three midfielders are already booked and we look for at least two more"

"We had never thought of firing Malesani,his position is as safe as ever"

"With this kind of injury problems,we'll be generally satisfied with a CL place...but this was not our prime target at the start of the season,and of course wont be next season.We are aiming for the scudetto"


Quite encouraging huh?
We'll win next year.. ;)

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
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