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I am not any good at writing intros so I'll cut the chase and jump right into it :
This is about the teams that surprised everyone and were far better then the experts predicted. And who was the most instrumental member of the team at the moment.

Vicenza late mid 90s

This team reached its peak in the 96/97 season when it grabbed an 8th place in the leauge ( after grabbing a 9th place in the season before ). Although, it could have fared just as well in the season after, but they focused on the european competition ( reached the semi final of the cup winners cup ) and therefore the leauge performance suffered, and they barely avoided releagation with one point more then Brescia.

In the 96/97 season Vicenza also won the Italian cup after beating Napoli in the final.

Guidolin was the manager and he swore to a multi changeable system, the team would start of with a 4-4-2, but during the game they could have played 4-3-3, 4-5-1 and 3-5-2 in addition to the 4-4-2 they started with.

the usual lineup was :

Murgita Otero

Rossi Di Carlo Maini Ambrosetti

Beghetto Lopez Mendez Sartor

and this is how the players performed :

Beghetto - With a dangerous left foot he contributed with 4 goals this season, had a good long shot and used it quite often.

Lopez - His job was to lead the deffence and he did that so well in this particular season that almost every big club wanted his signature after the season.

Mendez - A tough deffender from Uruguay, wasnt really fast but his marking skills were good and he timed his tackles well.

Ambrosetti - A winger that could play on both flanks, and also was used as a offensive midfielder in a 3-5-2 formation. But he really shined when he played as left winger in a 4-3-3 ( 4-5-1 ) formation.

Otero - Was the teams biggest start, as he had taken Serie A with storm the season before, scoring 15 goals on 32 matches. Otero is/was lightning fast but not that strong physically so he and Murgita complemented each other very well.

Murgita - A tall and strong striker, who had spent some seasons at other small clubs already and knew what he was in for, his job wasnt to score the goals but to fight for the team so others ( Otero ) could score goals, but he was old and already slow, so Guidolin actually wanted to give him and Cornacchini ( another old striker ) equal playing time,but that move was not succesful so Murgita played most of the matches, and he didnt do bad, but he never got recognised because he never scored many goals, only 6 goals was scored by him in 96/97.

The star of the team, Domenico Di Carlo
He was a real general on the field, and played with such deidcation and determination that it was a pleasure watching him play, he controlled the midfield and was the true leader of the team.

Di Carlo was one of the few players ( there might have been other, but I am not sure about this though ) that had taken the journey all the way from Serie C to Serie A. And he was instrumental in the 96/97 when Vicenza actually were on top of the table after half played season.

Di Carlo continued to play two more seasons at Vicenza until they were relegated in the 98/99 season. Then he got an offer from another small club ( Lecce ) wich he could not refuse, Di Carlo wasnt getting any younger and he was already 35 at that time, so it was most understadable when he left Vicenza to join Lecce so he could continue playing at the higest level. But at Lecce he was never given the same respect and resposibility that he had at Vicenza for obvious reasons, so after 4 matches totally that season he would leave for Livorno in Serie C at the end of the season. I dont know whether he has retired or not today, although I assume he has.

Btu I'll never forget the fighting spirit Di Carlo Showed at Vicenzin in the mid and late 90s.

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Good post man.

I think you're right about Di Carlo, he actually played for one of my local teams in D and later when he was much older then 30 he joined Vicenza and finally played in A, he finnished with Lecce. He was a very underrated player, always good for any team he played for.

Otero and mendez, both from uruguay are notable too bu most of all Pasquale Luiso, one of the best forwards in serie A during that time, he played for vicenza many years.

Sartor later played for Inter and Parma, one cup too.

Vicenza is a team i miss a little in serie A, they were entertaining.

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Yes I remember Luiso, he came in the 97/98 season, after having played good for Piacenza the season before.

btw when you say one of your local teams, do you then mean one of the local teams you support or one of the local teams from the city you are from in Italy ?

Another deffensive midfielder I respect is Bisoli.
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