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The stats of fouls...

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Tuesday, 23 April 2002 11:57:16
MILAN - Here are the statistics of fouls made and sanctions received, updated this week. Inter's players made 625 fouls, receiving 72 yellow cards and 4 reds, with an average a yellow card for every 8.6 fouls. Roma's players, the squad that commits the greatest number of fouls up to now, made 764 fouls, receiving 63 yellow cards and 6 reds, with an average of a yellow card every 12.1 fouls. Juventus' players, the less sanctioned until now, have committed 630 fouls, receiving only 45 yellows and 3 reds, with the average of a yellow card every 14 fouls.


while our players have committed 625 fouls, we've got 72 yellows and 4 reds...look at roma....they've committed 764 fouls but only 63 yellows??? :confused: does that mean that we've committed much more 'harder' fouls or we make harder tackles??? amazingly, juventus have only committed 630 fouls ith 45 yellows and 3 reds...

talk about luck...it doesn't seem like we've got any luck or favorite calls from the phucking refs... :mad:
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well, you can't base that stat to blame anyone. You'd have to actually see the tackle to make judgement whether the foul was deserving or not.

You can make 50 fouls in a single game without any cards shown.
I think it says something.

It would be intersting to see how many goals Juventus and Roma have scored the last 10 minutes. If someone know please tell me.

Does the Tread name have double meanings Carson?

Or is it just me that think twice.

It´s a piece of art. :)
Beside that,hust look at the last game against Cheivo:

1. Ronaldo wasn't offside when he scored that overhead hoal!

2. It wasn't Ronaldo's attacking foul when he felt down in the area after Recoba's corner kick. All for ref could use his whisle was to show the penalty kick!

3. Equisler that Chievo scored was from offside. Not from the scorer but from Corrini's header!

LETS NOW WIN THE DAMN SCUDETTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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