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Puyol is in danger

Two clubs pointers of Europe, one Italian and another English, they are willing to be taken to the mundialista to reinforce their defensive line

The current clause of the canterano, as well as their youth and projection, they convert the fichaje in affordable and profitable

Ramón Sostres, his representative, recognizes that there are offers and he remembers that Carles continues being more valued by the liking that for the club

Joan Josep Pallàs / BARCELONA

03:00 h.Dos clubs 'big' of Europe, both foreigners, are resolved to be made with the services of the polivalente defense azulgrana Carles Puyol. Until there, anything strange. It is normal that, especially before the exceptional yield of the canterano in the present season, potent teams with problems in defense call to the footballer's door requesting information. The serious thing in this case is that this time it exists real risk that one of these clubs fulfills their objective. Not in vain, many circumstances are given so that that happens.

Carles Puyol, with 24 years completed in April, has a tempting one - for the bidder - clause of rescission of 4.000 million pesetas in a contract that expires in 2004 and that, in spite of the fact that it was improved more than one year recently, it is very inferior to the one of most of its team partners and, had discounted, to which would sign if he/she decided to accept that that now offer him in Europe.

Ramón Sostres, representative and the player's friend (both are of the same town, The Pobla of Segur), he/she remembers that Puyol “he/she has never requested neither he/she will request anything to their current club”, but it assures that before offers of this nature everything can happen: “There is a very important offer about to arrive to the club and another in the making one with many slips of being made reality. Both are of foreign clubs”. Sostres considers that “it cannot surprise anybody that Puyol receives offers, what would surprise me is that he/she didn't have them.”

Besides the yield and the footballer's projection (it is valued of him their polivalencia and their consolidation to club level and selection), another of the aspects that you/they encourage to the teams that seek him is that the investment would be perfect. First, because their clause is not astronomical; second, because their record is easily improvable. “Puyol has the first worthy contract that has been made in the Barça now since it arrived, but he, with its yield, is in fact who has made it good”, Sostres remarks, making reference to that Puyol, being the player that more minutes have played in the Barça this year, it has been basically beneficiary thanks to the incentivos.De not to be for that protagonism in the first team, its record bases it would be among the lowest in the insole.

“In spite of having acted as regular along the whole season, it doesn't reach neither he/she comes closer to the earnings of other footballers of the Barça that you grieve they have intervened”, Sostres confirms who highlights that its represented “it continues being more valued by the liking that for the club”. AND it gives an illustrative example: “Carles is among the three first if we ask to the 'culé', but among the last ones if we speak in economic terms.”

Sostres recognizes that “we have had a couple of contacts with the Barça, but the positions are distant”. what Puyol would like it, barcelonista until the marrow, is, according to its representative, “that offered him a more balanced contract, with less weight of variables (incentives) and some financial conditions sensibly superiors.”

In fact that that Sostres claims offers it to him, multiplied, powerful clubs of England and Italy and Puyol, in another less receptive time, it is now willing to listen, maybe tired of the comparative offense that suffers. And there the danger resides for a Barcelona that should move record if he/she doesn't want to already give a new displeasure to a liking sufficiently upset

Puyol could be leaving:(
If puyol, our best player this season is sold what stops the club from selling saviola, iniesta, xavi. This better be cleared up soon.
Why do we always give clauses to our players? cant we just give a contract without a clause.
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