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There were too many things to be watched during the game...

First of all, of course the game itself, how the Lazio players couldn't score until Brevi touched the ball in the box, how Lazio players had better possession over Reggina players, how Baronio played below his best form.
I saw Pancaro who dribbled ball from half field with two-one playing with Nedved and Salas that make second penalty........ I saw Veron who make the second penalty very well (and after that I also saw an old man, was he Veron's grandfather???). I also saw Salas who didn't score but he made too many chances (that's why I won't use my nasty words now on him :D :D :D) especially when he gave passes to Inzaghi and Nedved, too bad both of them didn't make any goal..... and I counted that salas missed 7 chances where 4 of them were golden chances.

Second is MANCINI!! Seeing Lombardo carried him around the field while the fans clapping on him, seeing him got angry few times on Inzaghi (because if his unluckyness scoring goal from few golden chances). Seeing his pass to Inzaghi that make the first penalti, he moved like he was dancing :) :) :) He' still THE MAESTRO....... He made his own show yesterday, with ran round the field and threw his jersey away to the fand that made some fans fought each other to get that jersey :) :) :)

Third one was the fans, who roughly went into the field (thank's to Sensini who made them calm down)...... but unfortunately after the game for Couto, he was trapped still in the field and the fans made him took off his jersey.....
I also saw a player went to drees room naked (but I don't know who was it since the camera man shot him from backside).... and still the fans chase him, I don't know for what, maybe for his underwear......

Anyway great show by whole parts of Lazio........ nice season......
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